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Blade Runner 2099 - Michelle Yeoh’s casting, 50-year leap and everything you should know about the Prime Video magnum opus

Blade Runner 2099, a direct sequel series to Blade Runner 2049, is set to release on Prime Video, starring Michelle Yeoh. 

Blade Runner 2099 - Michelle Yeoh’s casting, 50-year leap and everything you should know about the Prime Video magnum opus
All About Blade Runner 2099

Last Updated: 04.13 PM, May 08, 2024


Amid all the conversation around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men, the DCU, and Superman, there's always that one legacy franchise or a new contender that grabs the spotlight and gives audiences a breather and new content to obsess over, as The Last Of Us, Fallout, and The Boys did. But who would have thought that 2024 might be the most wildly iconic year for the digital space, especially for Amazon Prime Video, which has now rolled out the carpet for probably one of the most revered legacy franchises and shows? Yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about Blade Runner 2099, the direct sequel to Blade Runner 2049, but in a series format—and we never expected the 2024 card to bring this for us.

The tale of Replicants is about to get a new life on Prime Video, and the streamer has confirmed that the show is in the making and they have found the lead star for the same. And no poins for guessing, as you all know it by now: it is none other than the Oscar-winning actor from Everything Everywhere All At Once fame, Michelle Yeoh, who has joined the Prime Video show as the lead. Let's see what Blade Runner 2099 is all about. Read on to learn everything about the same.

Michelle Yeoh Is Olwen

It was just yesterday when the world got to know that the iconic Michelle Yeoh had been cast in Blade Runner 2099 as the lead star. The star, as per the announcement, has been cast as Olwen, and what is even more exciting is the one-line description of her character. It says that she is nearing the end of her lifespan, and everyone who is in sync with the franchise knows what this means. It will be interesting to see what the makers have in store for us with a Replicant who is near their end. No more details have been offered, but there is so much mystery to this that we are now curious to know more. Also, this is the first time the franchise has tweaked the lifespan of the Replicants.

The 50-Year Leap!

While the title announcement of Blade Runner 2099 had us all in a chokehold and we were shocked and surprised, the first thing many of us observed is that the show is set 50 years after the events of Blade Runner 2049. This means there is so much in store because a lot has happened over half a century and there is so much new to see. This means that the Olwen description from Blade Runner 2099 could mean many things. Do Replicants now reach old age? Will this be a human-meets-Replicants version of the franchise, the one we have been waiting for forever? No one knows right now.

When Does Blade Runner 2099 Release?

Jonathan Van Tulleken has been hired to shape the first two episodes of Blade Runner 2099 and also serve as the executive producer on the show. There are no details on when the show will be released; however, it is said that production will begin soon. Earlier reports said the team would go on floors in April 2024, but there are no signs of the same as of yet.


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