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Blood and Water Season 4 trailer – Catch the electrifying return of Puleng and Fiks in the South African crime drama

Blood and Water Season 4 is finally returning this Spring to take us back to Parkhurst High. The South African crime drama featuring child trafficking and high school drama has released its trailer.  

Blood and Water Season 4 trailer – Catch the electrifying return of Puleng and Fiks in the South African crime drama
Actors Ama Qamata and Khosi Ngema as Puleng and Fisk in Blood and Water

Last Updated: 03.31 PM, Feb 07, 2024


Blood and Water dropped its trailer for Season 4 an hour ago and it is just in time to get all crime drama lovers of the South African show excited and warmed up to receive the adrenaline-hiking new season. Centered around the themes of child trafficking, adoption, identity issues, sisterhood, teenage drama, and romances, the show allures viewers with its sincere execution and grim themes.

Release Date, OTT partner, and trailer of Blood and Water Season 4

Featuring another multilingual season of six episodes, the show will start streaming March 1, 2024, onward. Blood and Water is a Netflix original, so the show will be dropped on Tudum. The show dropped its trailer for the upcoming part an hour ago, and it features an increased emphasis on high school drama and new trials faced by Fiks and Puleng, long-lost sisters who are finally reunited.


The contents of the trailer and what to expect in Season 4 of Blood and Water

Blood and Water Season 4 begins sometime after the explosive Season 3 finale, in the trailer. Other than a parting “This isn’t over” from Lisbeth, KP’s mother and the main head of the crime syndicate running the human trafficking syndicate, the trailer hints at her machinations from the shadows, that cause Puleng and Fiks to trip up and clash with each other in the new season.

Season 4’s trailer also shows a new crisis and a new hunk in Blood and Water. Puleng meets a charming, handsome stranger, Ivan, essayed by Andre Lamoglia of Elite fame, and hooks up with him in a drunk and vulnerable moment. However, calamity strikes when a sex tape of that night is on the cusp of being leaked, and Puleng is being blackmailed by an unknown stalker-ish individual.

Season 4’s trailer also shows the sisters navigating high school and their respective complicated lives amidst grief. After all Puleng has lost her father and Fiks her mother, last season. The new familial connections and sibling rivalry explosions are further enhanced by their enemies, who have simply withdrawn to the shadows, not gone away.

Also, Fiks and her father Anthony’s relationship may be explored, while Chris may have to make a choice between Wendy and Lunga, especially since he has newly-developed a romance with the latter. Sam’s fate is also unknown as Lisbeth’s trafficking cell may have shut down, but they do have him under lock and key along with multiple other cells of their human trafficking ring.

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