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Blood Free Episode 1, 2 Review – Han Hyo-joo's drama is packed with mystery and technology jargons but lacks spark between characters

Starring Han Hyo-joo and Ju Ji-hoon in the lead roles,Blood Free is a sci-fi thriller K-drama that is currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar

Blood Free Episode 1, 2 Review – Han Hyo-joo's drama is packed with mystery and technology jargons but lacks spark between characters
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Last Updated: 09.59 AM, Apr 12, 2024


Blood Free Episode 1 and 2 Story

Disney+Hotstar’s latest drama, Blood Free, revolves around the biotechnology company BF, or Blood Free, that emerges as an industry giant after they take over the market with their lab-grown or cultured meat. The pilot episodes begin with a 3-D business presentation spearheaded by company CEO Yun Ja-yu (Han Hyo-joo), who is debating the era of lab-grown meat cultivation and how it is a game changer for the future by saving animals from unnecessary slaughter. 

The impressive presentation and her promising new seafood launch captivate investors and viewers. However, things become dreary when she becomes a target for death threats for snatching the livelihoods of small businessmen and farmers.

Blood Free Episodes 1 and 2 review

The sci-fi thriller Blood Free is packed with mystery and suspense. The pilot episodes hint at the secret past that intertwines the fates of lead characters Jun Ja-yu (Han Hyo-joo) and former navy officer Woo Chae-woon (Ju Ji-hoon). The story is layered with past and present timelines, which brings a thriller element to the narrative.


Despite the actors trying to get into the skin of their characters, it feels like a deep void that prevents them from making emotional connections. However, this limitation may be overcome in the next few episodes as we get a hold of the story.

The intriguing narrative strives to highlight how advanced technology is clashing with humanity. Although the inventions are great, but it often come with some kind of sacrifice that we will witness in the forthcoming episodes. Blood Free’s plotline is heavy and challenging that requires your attention and dedication, but will keep you hooked on the screens if you admire technology and suspenseful themes.

Park Chul-hwan’s directorial is visually captivating but partially delivers performance with less explored characters and techically heavy narrativy. Despite all this, if you are someone who likes high-octane action scenes like car flips, chases, and sudden blasts, you will definitely enjoy Blood Free.

Blood Free verdict

Blood Free revolves around advanced technology that poses a threat to the livelihoods of farmers and small business owners. Despite a secret past narrative, the drama seems high on technical jargon, and if you’re someone who enjoys romantic comedies or lighthearted series, Blood Free may seem like a disappointment. However, there is still hope that the drama will catch up with new thrills in the upcoming week.

Blood Free is available to stream on Disney+Hotstar. Every week, two new episodes drop on the streaming platform.

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