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Blood Free Episode 3, 4 review – Han Hyo-joo's K-drama falls prey to a convoluted plot and flawed characters

Starring Han Hyo-joo and Ju Ji-hoon in the lead roles, Blood Free is a sci-fi thriller K-drama that is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar

Blood Free Episode 3, 4 review – Han Hyo-joo's K-drama falls prey to a convoluted plot and flawed characters
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Last Updated: 12.07 PM, Apr 19, 2024


Blood Free Episode 3, 4 Story

The recently premiered episodes 3 and 4 revolve around Ja-yu and Chae Woon, who deal with the shocking discovery of the ransomware attack in their company. They also learn that some of the employees are using bitcoin. The needle of suspicion points to different employees as problems around the biotechnology company seem to rise. It also centres around Hong’s accident and the foul play that led to the events, including scientist Kim Sin-Gu's role in the accident.

Blood Free Episode 3, 4 review

Episodes 3 and 4 spiral into a convoluted plotline, unlike the clear premise of the initial two episodes. The web series follows the usual trope of past and present timelines to add mystery to the storyline. However, the constant switch without a robust flashback or development in the story does not add value. Even the characters are not explored in depth and seem to have a blurred motive for their existence.


The clash between technology and humanity, along with a twist of political propaganda, adds mystery to the narrative. However, for now, it is mainly focusing on episode-driven narrative rather than the overall development of the web series.

Park Chul-hwan’s directorial aims to take viewers into a glimpse of futuristic technologies and how humanity will face the crisis in the forthcoming years.

Blood Free Episode 3, 4 verdict

Disney+ Hotstar’s sci-fi thriller K-drama Blood Free fails to retain attention because it delves heavily into a complex storyline. Despite having actors like Han Hyo-joo and Ju Ji-hoon in lead roles, the makers underestimate their presence with a confusing narrative rather than focusing on their characters. However, since the drama is still in its initial few episodes, there are hopes that the story will go in the right direction in the upcoming week. Stream it if you like to watch dedicatedly and are fans of sci-fi thrillers.

Blood Free is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. Every week, two new episodes drop on the streaming platform.

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