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Bodhon actress Sandipta Sen goes on honeymoon

Bodhon actress Sandipta Sen and Hoichoi’s honcho Soumya Mukherjee got married on December 7 last year but could not plan a honeymoon for her work

Bodhon actress Sandipta Sen goes on honeymoon
Sandipta Sen

Last Updated: 06.24 PM, Mar 05, 2024


Bodhon actress Sandipta Sen tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Soumya Mukherjee on December 7 last year. Soon after getting married, the actress got busy with her work and they had to give their honeymoon a miss. Now that she was a little free, Sandipta and Soumya went for their long-awaited honeymoon.

Soon after Sandipta got married, the second season of her web series Bodhon was scheduled to drop and the actress got busy with promotions. In fact, she was acclaimed for her work in Bodhon 2. Hence, as soon as her busy schedule relaxed, she took her husband Soumya to the City of Love. 

Sandipta and Soumya went to France. They reached Paris on Monday night. Their next journey will start from there. They will come back on March 17.

After working on television for years, Sandipta stepped into web series. In recent times, she has portrayed strong female characters in Bodhon (two seasons) and Noshtoneer. She officially debuted on the big screen with The Eken: Ruddhashwash Rajasthan. Now she has teamed up with Satyam for another film.     

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