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Bollywood Khans are insecure of talented artistes from Pakistan, says Pakistani actor-TV presenter Nadia Khan; internet says, 'Delulu ki bhi seema hoti hai!'

In a video clip that is soon going viral, Pakistani actor and TV presenter Nadia Khan claims that Bollywood’s Khans are insecure of the talented artistes from Pakistan

Bollywood Khans are insecure of talented artistes from Pakistan, says Pakistani actor-TV presenter Nadia Khan; internet says, 'Delulu ki bhi seema hoti hai!'
Bollywood Khans are insecured of Pakistani artists, claims a Pakistani host

Last Updated: 01.18 PM, Apr 05, 2024


Besides the Kapoors and the Kumars, there are the three Khans (Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan) who have not just been an integral part of Bollywood but are the rock-solid pillars who define entertainment like nobody else does. Cinegoers wait with bated breath to see their films.

Pakistan TV host's shocking claim about Khans of Bollywood!

So, it’s definitely surprising and also shocking to see someone stating (read ‘claiming’) that the three Khans are an insecure lot of actors! Well, you heard it right. This ‘claim’ was made by Nadia Khan, who is a Pakistani actor and TV presenter. The clip of the video in which she has made this (bizarre) claim is going viral.

'A few top actors became insecure...'

Nadia Khan said, “Our actors like Fawad (Khan) and others had started becoming popular and they started going to work in India. That’s why a few top actors became insecure and that’s why they made it into a political issue and got them (Pakistani actors) banned."

"It’s not that only the politicians had an issue with them (Pakistani actors). It was also these (top actors) who felt insecure about them and felt that their fans would go mad at these (Pakistani) actors. Our actors are not flaunting their bodies nor are they smoking in style (making stylish hand gestures as if to smoke)," she added.

She then cited two examples of presumably Wahaj Ali and Bilal Abbas Khan and said, "Recently, what our actors Wahaj and Bilal have done has made the Indian audiences fall in love with them... Our stars are viral in India. You have no idea about their fan following in India. Even the Khans are insecure. They think that if these boys come in our films, then what will we do?”

Nadia didn't stop at that and went on to add, “The dramas that are made in Pakistan get made at half the cost. And our artists are passionate; they want their work to be seen globally. You have no idea what kind of fan following our stars enjoy there. The Khans don’t have stars in this age bracket there.”

No sooner did this video clip go viral, it started garnering feedback from netizens. While one netizen wrote, “Is she ok? Apparently not”, there was another who wrote, “He’s dumbfounded”. There was another user who wrote, "She is high."

Another user posted, "Aunty ji kisi ke behkave mein hain! Din mein taare dikhne lage inko. Bhale hi fawad better tha gen y stars ke mukable, but Aisa thodi hota hai top actors are so busy unko itni fursat nai’. One netizen commented, "Yeh konsa Nasha hai jo Didi ne kiya hai mujhe bhi chahiye." Amid all this, there was a user who posted, "Delulu ki bhi seema hoti hai!"

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