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Box office - Krishnamma and Prathinidhi 2 end as big flops, post dismal collections

 Krishnamma features Satyadev in lead roles, and Prathinidhi 2 marks Nara Rohit's comeback into Telugu cinema. Both films were released on May 10, 2024. 

Box office - Krishnamma and Prathinidhi 2 end as big flops, post dismal collections

Krishnamma and Prathinidhi 2

Last Updated: 08.59 AM, May 12, 2024


Every Friday, multiple films hit the screens in Telugu cinema. On May 10, 2024, two medium-budget films, Krishnamma and Prathinidhi 2, hit the screens. But sadly, both these films have started on a very disappointing note at the box office.

Krishnamma box office collections

First in line is Prathinidhi 2. The film is a political drama and marks Nara Rohit's comeback to films. Touted to be a propaganda film, Prathnidhi 2 was directed by TV 5 journalist Murthy and failed at the box office. Prathinidhi 2 was a sequel to the hit film Prathinidhi but was nowhere close to the first part.


Despite releasing during the election time in AP, it failed to make any money at the box office. The sad part is that Prathinidhi 2 did not even make Rs 1 crore in the first two days of its release. This shows how badly the film has been rejected.

Prathinidhi 2 collections

Next in line is Satyadev's Krishnamma. Despite having a good backdrop and great performances, the film failed to take off at the box office. Krishnamma made Rs 1 crore on the day and faltered at the box office on day two.

Nara Rohit in Prathinidhi 2
Nara Rohit in Prathinidhi 2

The reviews for Krishnamma were also below par, and the lack of star value in the film did not take the film deep into the audience. Today, being a Sunday(May 12), is the only chance for the film to make some money. Once the elections start in AP, no one will bother about films for the next ten days or so.

Due to the same reason, the producers in Telugu cinema have held back all the major films. Not a single biggie has come out in the summer of 2024, and in a way, it is a wasted opportunity. The hit talk to a film would have made a world of difference, and the audience would have thronged the theaters big time due to the lack of films.

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