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Boy Swallows Universe OTT release date- When & where to watch this brilliant coming-of-age Aussie series?

Boy Swallows Universe is based on Trent Dalton's bestseller, which is the fastest-selling Australian debut novel till date.The poignant bildungsroman also employs elements of magic realism in it.

Boy Swallows Universe OTT release date- When & where to watch this brilliant coming-of-age Aussie series?
A still from Boy Swallows Universe

Last Updated: 06.11 AM, Jan 06, 2024


Boy Swallows Universe is one of the most-anticipated adaptations to hit Netflix this year, especially because of its source material, the novel of the same name by Trent Dalton, an acclaimed Australian author, whose novel not only topped the bestselling list, but also made history by being the fastest selling debut novel till date.

Its seven-episode adaptation boasts of a stellar cast, comprising the likes of Simon Baker, Phoebe Tonkin, Felix Cameron, Travis Fimmel, Bryan Brown among others. Boy Swallows Universe is set to premiere on Netflix January 11, 2024, onwards.


The series dropped two clips to offer fans a much-needed peek into the criminal underbelly of 1980s Australia, as well as the innocence blooming in it like lotuses here and there. One is a teaser trailer, and the other is a full-length, official trailer. Boy Swallows Universe is a stirring and highly promising show that is set and shot in Brisbane, Australia.

It focuses on the Bell family, especially on young Eli Bell and how he faces the googlies life keeps bowling at him at a tender age. His mother is a struggling addict, his father is missing from the picture, his brother is mute, his caring stepfather deals in heroin, while his babysitter is an ex-con murderer.

Despite all this, Eli Bell refuses to give up on his inner goodness and is determined to become his own person. But when consequences catch up, it does not see good intentions. The same happens for Eli’s family, especially when his stepfather is taken by goons, his mother has been arrested, while his father is a drunk with high levels of anxiety.

But the trailer does not only show the tough times. It also shows a wonderful family enjoying themselves at a carnival, winning games, eating meals together, sharing laughing moments. And that is what makes it all the more heartbreaking for the viewers and even more motivating for Eli to set things right for his family, despite his tender age.

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