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Bridgerton Season 3 - Hope for Penelope and Eloise's reunion shines bright

Penelope and Eloise's bond, the secondary love story in Bridgerton Season 3, is set to mend.

Bridgerton Season 3 - Hope for Penelope and Eloise's reunion shines bright
A still from Bridgerton

Last Updated: 08.56 PM, May 28, 2024


A recent update from the creators of Bridgerton suggests that viewers shouldn't be afraid of Penelope and Eloise's friendship, even though the first portion of season 3 left it on a shaky note. Eloise Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington have been inseparable companions since the beginning. Pen and Eloise have always been close since they are both passionate readers and writers who despise Ton's ways of life. However, the revelation of Penelope's true identity as Lady Whistledown towards the end of Bridgerton's second season leads to their breakup. Thus far, this schism has persisted into season three.

Penelope and Eloise's rift in Season 3

Season 3 of Bridgerton focuses on Colin and Penelope's romance, but viewers are still engrossed in Pen and Eloise's friendship, and things don't appear to be improving at this stage. But there's no need for supporters to worry. Showrunner Jess Brownell of Bridgerton told The Hollywood Reporter that the story of Pen and Eloise does not come to a full stop at the end of Season 3, Part 1. In many respects, it is only a fragment of their remarkable friendship's larger narrative.


Brownell has dropped a huge bombshell on the fate of the friends in this season of the historical romance Bridgerton, regardless of the simmering animosity between Penelope and Eloise. In an interview with the international portal, she described the bond between Penelope and Eloise as the secondary love story of the season. This is quite an accolade, considering the strong friendship that Francesca has developed with John Stirling and the undeniable spark between Benedict and Lady Tilley Arnold this season. Not only that, Brownell continues by saying that the people behind Bridgerton are very invested in happy endings.

Eloise and Penelope: A secondary love story

It seems likely that Eloise and Penelope's friendship would heal by the end of the season, given that Brownell brought up happy endings shortly after referring to them as the secondary love story. Brownell is absolutely correct when she asserts that Bridgerton is committed to securing happy endings. The season-long resolutions benefit more than just the primary couple. Not only do the main characters deal with their problems and find happiness, but so do the secondary and supporting characters. Penelope and Eloise will probably be friends again before the conclusion of season 3.

The conclusion between Penelope and Eloise is a tremendous relief, even though it is not completely unexpected. Separating the two would have been a huge error on Bridgerton's part. The truth is that they are mutually beneficial. The women are in great need of empathy because they are the two outcasts among the Ton. Even if she has relatives, no one views Eloise the way Penelope does, and the same goes for the latter. Season 3 has also shown how lonely Penelope is; even though she'll have Colin by the season's end, she still wants companionship. Someone to confide in is vital for her.

Not to mention the glaring practical issues that would develop if Penelope and Eloise did not reconcile. Since Penelope and Colin will eventually tie the knot, it would be quite out of character for Eloise to keep supporting her sister-in-law, particularly given their past together. If Eloise could not genuinely overcome her resentment, the remaining Bridgerton residents would continue to face a significant challenge. They will have likely made amends when she becomes a Bridgerton, as it is in the best interest of the show as a whole.

Lady Whistledown's role in reconciliation

Given that Lady Whistledown is responsible for the breakup of Eloise and Penelope, it seems logical that she would unite them once more, particularly in light of the direction that Bridgerton will take in season 3, part 2. Colin pops the question to Penelope at the end of the first episode of Bridgerton's third season, officially sealing their romance. He still doesn't know the truth about Penelope's identity, though. It is probable that Eloise will confront Penelope about Whistledown, since she is aware of it. After all this buildup, Colin finds out the truth, and Penelope and Eloise make up during the explosion.

Even though the road ahead will be difficult, they won't give up. Penelope and Eloise will restore their former relationship in the same way that Penelope and Colin develop a unique bond. It will improve their lives in every way, and it will be a tremendous relief for them both. Plus, during their time apart, Penelope and Eloise have grown as individuals, so they can approach this next chapter of their friendship with greater wisdom and insight. Bridgerton will be able to take a big leap forward with this.

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