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BTS’ RM shares behind-the-scenes from RM4 and his cutest smile will win you over

After sharing photos from his album RM4, BTS’ RM has now shared behind-the-scenes from the album

BTS’ RM shares behind-the-scenes from RM4 and his cutest smile will win you over
BTS RM (Kim Namjoon)

Last Updated: 06.06 PM, Apr 21, 2024


RM has been posting images from his upcoming music album RM4 since a day and he has continued doing so, this time being behind-the-scenes from RM4. The BTS singer, who is also the leader of the biggest K-Pop band, was seen flashing a wide smile in the given photo. RM is once again seen in the studio and this time, he’s with a gang. The image comes hours after he shared another still from the album.

The latest photo

RM is seen in a studio in his look ahead of the Korean military enlistment. Kim Namjoon is seen flashing a big smile (with the dimples) as he gives finishing touches to his album with the crew. The singer is seen wearing a brown sweatshirt and he looks at something related to the album which makes him smile bright.

The previous photo, new from the album?

RM had posted another photo, which appears to be from the album, currently titled RM4. In the picture, Namjoon poses in front of leaves. The same appears to be latest photo from his album and fans (ARMY) are too excited that if the photos from the album are so cool, what would the actual album be like.

RM starts posting new photos

RM’s Instagram account, @rkive, started sharing photos of him. He has thus far posted five photos on the account that he shared as his Instagram story. The account is @rpwprpwprpwp and they have been sharing photos of RM (Rap Monster) from the studio and the venue where they were shooting for the album. The very first photo was of RM behind the mic, recording music. The same, very much, is a hint about his upcoming album.

Which BTS member released his album ahead of RM?

Before RM, J-Hope had unveiled his album, On The Street Vol. 1. The singer has been promoting the same even from the army. He actually danced on Neuron in his military uniform. Interestingly, the album also has a song where Hobi collaborates with another BTS member, Jungkook. The song is I Wonder and has been topping the charts since some time.

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