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Buddy glimpse: Allu Sirish turns action hero with this buddy comedy

Buddy glimpse has revealed Allu Sirish action avatar. 

Buddy glimpse: Allu Sirish turns action hero with this buddy comedy
Allu Sirish in Buddy.
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.38 AM, May 31, 2023


Actor Allu Sirish badly needs a break at the box office. Even though he has been in the industry for 10 years now and comes from one of the most powerful clans in Telugu cinema, he hasn't been able to catch a big break. On the other hand, his elder brother Allu Arjun seemingly can't pick a wrong movie and he has also emerged as a rising pan-India star with the phenomenal success of Pushpa.  

And now Allu Sirish seems to have decided to change the game by taking on the mantle of an action hero with his upcoming movie Buddy. A glimpse of the movie was released coinciding with Sirish's 36th birthday. Going by the first look of the poster, earlier many assumed that it was a remake of the Tamil movie Teddy. Starring Arya in the lead, the movie revolved around a teddy bear that comes to life following some supernatural incident. And Arya's character takes it upon himself to protect the teddy bear against its enemies. 

Judging from the latest promo, Buddy seems to follow a similar storyline. A bunch of masked men are hired to kill a high-profile target, which is a teddy bear. The man who hires all the assassins promises those who kill the teddy bear a trainload of money. Enter, a teddy bear grooving alone at an empty subway. As the assassins get ready to rip apart the teddy bear, they come face to face with bigger assassins. Sirish's character takes out all the bounty killers without breaking into a sweat. 


Sirish seems to want to redefine his onscreen image with this movie. Even though Teddy received mixed reviews, the movie was a big hit with the family audience and children. Will Buddy do the same for Sirish's career? 

Buddy is written and directed by Sam Anton and Hiphop Tamizha has scored the music. It also stars Ajmal Amir, Prisha Rajesh Singh, Mukeshkumar and Mohammed Ali.