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Cannes fame Alpha Beta Gamma finally gets a theatrical release date in India

Alpha Beta Gamma releases in Indian theatres after debuting in renowned film festivals like Cannes Film Festival 2022 in France and Reactor Film Festival in Austria.

Cannes fame Alpha Beta Gamma finally gets a theatrical release date in India
A still from the poster of Alpha Beta Gamma

Last Updated: 04.46 PM, Mar 07, 2024


Alpha Beta Gamma is an Indian Hindi language film, directed by debutant director Shankar Srikumar. Most of the cast comprises of newcomers and FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) alumni and the film was made on a minimal budget during the first covid lockdown, with pandemic restrictions in 2020.

Release date and trailer of Alpha Beta Gamma


After premiering at the 52nd International Film Festival of India in Goa, the feature has gone on to star in various acclaimed film festivals all over the world. Alpha Beta Gamma will be releasing in Indian theatres, March 8, 2024, onward. The film rightfully uses International Women’s Day for the relationship movie of the year.

Plot of Alpha Beta Gamma

Alpha Beta Gamma has a unique premise. A feisty woman named Mitali gets stuck in her marital flat with her estranged husband and soon-to-be husband cum lover during the covid lockdown for 14 days. Now what can happen if a volatile ex-husband, his bold wife and her patient lover remain stuck under a roof? Either murder or life-altering changes.

We do not know about the former yet, but the latter definitely happens for our protagonists. With nowhere to go and only each other for company, the three soon realize that there may be more they are holding on to than letting go of. The film’s trailer offers a clear peek at its plotline without revealing the climax.

We see a conflicted Mitali raging it out verbally with her husband while her lover soothes her. Her ex-hubby had thought he would be fine seeing the two of them together but is not. Mitali is unsure why she feels she is convincing herself when she asserts to her ex that she loves her soon-to-be. As for her patient lover, he has laid himself doormat-style for Mitali to take respite from the world.

But as the two men bond, the three laugh together over dinner and spend time together, it becomes evident how tight the film’s plot is strung, ready to fall apart for the odd trio at the pull of a string, for everything to collapse. And that is what director Shankar does throughout the film, ever so subtly, to let all suppressed feelings come to the surface and have a facedown against the terrifying backdrop of corona virus and its global pandemic.

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