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“Can’t Wait:” Fans react to the re-release of James Cameron’s The Abyss: Special Edition

The Titanic director is releasing a special longer version of the Academy-Awards nominated movie in December, more than two decades after its original release

“Can’t Wait:” Fans react to the re-release of James Cameron’s The Abyss: Special Edition

James Cameron's movie The Abyss is returning to the theatres in 4K The Abyss is returning to the theatres in 4k

Last Updated: 02.14 AM, Nov 14, 2023


James Cameron’s iconic water adventure film, The Abyss, is all set to return for its 4k theatrical release in December for one single night. The special edition of this sci-fi thriller, will be covering some special unreleased scenes and fans are overwhelmed with the official announcement.

The Abyss: Special edition announcement

The veteran director, who is renowned for his epic movies, Titanic and Avatar, took to his X account (formerly Twitter) to break the big announcement, and also unveiled some facts about the upcoming re-release. 

In the video, he shared, "I'm excited to announce that the Special Edition of 'The Abyss,' which we remastered in 4K, is going to be presented in theaters this December. If you haven't seen the film before, this is the way to experience it. And if you have, you'll be seeing the film I actually set out to make, with some big surprises not seen in the original released version. I hope you'll take advantage of seeing 'The Abyss,' my first ocean film, back in theaters."

The Abyss movie plot

Written and directed by James Cameron, this 1989 sci-fi movie revolves around a search and rescue team joining up with an oil platform team to embark on a dangerous mission to find a sunken submarine several feet under the ocean. Their lives are turned upside down as they encounter strange creatures and secrets under the deep ocean.

Fans are eagerly waiting

Fans are on cloud nine after the overwhelming announcement. The trailer garnered thousands of likes and comments from the eagerly waiting fans. One fan commented, “Beautiful! It’s about time it’s getting the 4K treatment it deserves. Can’t wait to see it in theaters!” While another said, “20 years of built-up excitement for this remaster!”

While another fan reminisced about watching the original decades ago and expressed excitement over the re-release and said, “saw The Abyss in the theaters 35 years ago and I loved it! So I can't wait to see again in 4K in the theater!”

The movie will be released on December 6 this year for a single day.

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