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The Garfield Movie Trailer: The Monday-hating cat is back with new adventures and a reunion with father to embark on a thrilling heist, WATCH

Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Pratt are ready to win your hearts as they voice the furry father-son duo in the new Garfield Movie releasing in May next year.

The Garfield Movie Trailer: The Monday-hating cat is back with new adventures and a reunion with father to embark on a thrilling heist, WATCH
In a still from The Garfield Movie

Last Updated: 12.34 AM, Nov 14, 2023


Chris Pratt is returning to steal your hearts as he voices the iconic Garfield cat after previously being the leading voice for Mario and the Lego Man. Ironically, the Monday-hating orange cat gets its first trailer released by Sony Pictures Entertainment for the highly anticipated The Garfield Movie on a Monday itself. The new trailer gives a sneak peek for the slapstick, thrilling ride of the adorable cat and fans are eagerly waiting for the Columbia Pictures and Alcon Entertainment’s Garfield movie.

Garfield is ready to narrate its furry tale of adventures!

Based on Jim Davis’ comics Garfield, the movie will be telling a story of the indoor cat in an animated avatar. The orange-black stripped cat begins its journey on a dark and rainy stormy night and Garfield is hiding in a corner, peeping at the restaurant window where a lonely man called Jon Arbuckle is eating a pizza. The street kitten then approaches Jon with innocent eyes, and he can’t seem to shrug off the innocent kitty.

When offered a pepperoni, the kitten ends up devouring all the food in the fast food restaurant. And the rest becomes the history for the furry cat. “And that’s how I adopted Jon,” said the proud grown-up Garfield living a comfortable life.

In the trailer for Mark Dindal’s The Garfield movie, the lasagna-obsessed cat warns the audience of the upcoming scenes and says, “I apologize in advance. The eating you are about to see will not be pretty,” If you have young children, this would be a good time for them to leave the room.”

Fans are overwhelmed with the trailer

In the 2:51 minute trailer, Garfield is joined by a rough-street cat father, Vic (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) on an adventurous heist, including many funny gigs like jumping off the train. The indoor cat’s life is turned upside down as he joins his father with his canine friend Odie in a high-stakes heist.

The team of producers of this animated film includes John Cohen, Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, Steven P. Wegner, Craig Sost, Namit Malhotra, and Crosby Clyse coming together for the awaited film.

One fan commented I've never had a trailer be responsible for this much shift in my emotions. I went from teary-eyed to blank-faced in a matter of seconds. Other fans also expressed their excitement in the comment section.

The movie is slated for a May 24, 2024 release date.

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