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Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare season 3 review- Zakir Khan and Abhimanyu Singh carry the political drama on their able shoulders

The just released series of Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare season 3 has Zakir Khan and Abhimanyu Singh carrying the entire political drama on their shoulders with able support from the rest of the cast

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare season 3 review- Zakir Khan and Abhimanyu Singh carry the political drama on their able shoulders
Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare season 3

Last Updated: 01.45 PM, Apr 25, 2024


So, the much-awaited series of Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare season 3 has finally started streaming on Amazon miniTV. The first two episodes of the series sets the mood and the atmosphere of what to expect in the future episodes. While the first episode has been titled ‘Political Promise’, the second one is titled ‘EZKT’!

Zakir Khan shines in the series

The first episode starts off with Ronny (Zakir Khan) spending time with his mother and father and watching TV. Suddenly, his mother spots the vidhayak (Abhimanyu Singh) on television and wonders as to what on earth he is doing on national television. At the same time Ronny’s father tells that the location of the vidhayak seems extremely familiar to them. Within no time, the vidhayak lands up entering their house and starts apologising that he made a biggest blunder of his life by shooing way Ronny.

Abhimanyu Singh comes a close second

Not just that, he also celebrates his birthday with Ronny’s family and get a group photo clicked with everyone. Post that, he calls Ronny to his party office and threatens him very politely that he should stay away from politics or he will usurp his father’s job and other dire situations. Just as when he steps down from politics, there comes various situations which keep on dragging him back to fighting the elections.

Post that, in the second episode, it starts off with the introduction of Mitesh Mittal, the founder of start-up of an app called EZKT aka Ek Zaroori Kaam Tha. His company, which deals in the recovery of loans taken from friends, approaches Ronny to partner with him. This also gives us an insight on Kranti aka Samosa and his blooming love life when he sees Jasmine Damani for the first time… a love story that ends even before it could start! Thereafter, Ronny reveals to his ladylove that, while everyone thinks that he had withdrew his nomination because of his uncles’ threats, the real fact is something else altogether!

As for the performances, Zakir Khan tries really hard to whither away his tag of being a stand-up comic. But, the fact of the matter also remains that, his image of being a stand up is so strongly established that, the audiences may find it tough to fathom his serious act at times. The hindsight of the entire thing is that, since it’s just the start, one will really have to wait and watch as to how does the series and the performances of the other actors unfolds.

But, as for Zakir, being the fighter that he is, he manages to establish his character of Ronny with conviction. All that he needs to do is to work a bit on his emotional scenes. Rest of the actors do their work as expected! The background score can also be improvised. Abhimanyu Singh chews his character like a cheesecake!

With such a built up done for the two episodes, the audiences are but obviously waiting for the rest of the episodes which are being streamed in Amazon miniTV.

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