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Challenging Star Darshan fans excited about star’s upcoming slate of films

Great script selection, exclaim fans, after the birthday announcements of Darshan’s next few films with Prakash Veer and Tharun Kishore Sudhir

Challenging Star Darshan fans excited about star’s upcoming slate of films
Darshan in the first look of Devil

Last Updated: 06.59 PM, Feb 16, 2024


Fans of Challenging Star Darshan are a happy lot today. On the occasion of the Kannada superstar’s birthday, not only were a couple of special videos releases for his next two films - #D57 with Prakash Veer and #D58 with Kariya maker Prem, but there was also an announcement that Roberrt and Kaatera director Tharun Kishore Sudhir will make the Sindhoora Lakshmana biopic with Darshan, after all.

Just over a year ago, fans had been fretting at the possibility that Darshan was set to collaborate with the team of Yajamana and Kranti again, even though the latter was a box office failure and not up to the standards that were expected for a superstar-led film. And while he is still working with that team, including the producers and music director Harikrishna, the latter is not in the director’s chair – Kaatera maker Tharun is.


Darshan, who is basking in the success of Kaatera, which just completed 50 days at the box office and has already clocked over 100 million streaming minutes after its OTT debut, is set to begin work on his next, Devil, shortly. This is a film to be directed by Prakash Veer, who’d made Tarak with Darshan earlier. This time around, Prakash, is presenting a gangster tale, it would seem, going by the first look video he has released.

Thereafter, the Challenging Star will collaborate with director Prem on an as-yet-untitled film with KVN Productions. Prem is currently making a period film called KD-The Devil with Dhruva Sarja for the banner, following which he will start work on the Darshan project. He too released a teaser video of sorts today, with a voice over by the star saying, “Until my last breath, I will not allow a single drop of blood flow”, followed by a Jai Shree Ram theme. Could the Kannada star be playing Hanuman or is his character someone with the same level of loyalty and integrity?

Following #D58 with Prem, Darshan will do his third film with Tharu n, which is in the actor’s personal favourite genre – a historical – and is based on the life of freedom fighter Sindhoora Lakshmana. Right now, there is speculation that Tharun will also helm #D60, which will be produced by Darshan’s friend S Sachidananda, whereas another rumour is that the star’s brother Dinakar will helm the 60th. Dinakar, who made the hits Navagraha and Saarathi with Darshan, was supposed to do a film called Sarvantharyami with the actor, but the project did not take off amid rumoured discord between the siblings.

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