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Challenging Star Darshan promises that Devil will be in theatres in 2024 at THIS time

Speaking at the 50-day celebration of Kaatera, Darshan highlighted the importance of single-screen theatres for the business of cinema and said he is working on doing 2 films a year

Challenging Star Darshan promises that Devil will be in theatres in 2024 at THIS time
Darshan in the first look of Devil

Last Updated: 09.10 PM, Feb 20, 2024


Challenging Star Darshan’s Kaatera has completed a successful 50-day run in theatres. The team, led by the actor and including director Tharun Kishore Sudhir, producer Rockline Venkatesh was at the Prasanna theatre in Bengaluru today to celebrate this happy occasion. Darshan, sounded mighty pleased with Kaatera’s box office success and spoke at length about the role that single-screen theatres have in ensuring that a film producer benefits.

During the event, Darshan was told that if stars like him do 2 films a year, it will work towards the greater good of the Kannada film industry. The Challenging Star said that he was considering this very seriously and has even spoken to the team of his next, Devil, which is being directed by Tarak maker Prakash Veer that he wants the film in theatres later this year.


Considering that Kaatera released at the fag end of 2023 (December 29), it is as good as a 2024 release, so, if Devil also hits theatres in the latter half of the year, Darshan will hold good on his promise to have 2 films a year. The Challenging Star has said that he has told Prakash that Devil should be in theatres, no matter what, by October this year. This could mean that the team will target a Dasara 2024 release.

Director Prem has also announced that his film with Darshan will release in 2025, so, it looks set that the Challenging Star means business and wants a film of his in theatres every 9-10 months. Darshan also used the opportunity to highlight the role that single-screen theatres have in the business of cinema.

The actor said that unlike multiplexes, which only play films on, say, 60:40 or 50:50 revenue sharing schemes, whichever suits them more, single-screen theatres will pass on all the collections to the producer, provided the rental of the theatre is paid. This, he added, is any day better than the deal a producer gets from a multiplex.

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