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Cheena Trophy - 5 reasons to watch Dhyan Sreenivasan’s comedy drama

Dhyan Sreenivasan’s upcoming comedy drama, Cheena Trophy, helmed by Anil Lal, is all set to be released in theatres on December 8 

Cheena Trophy - 5 reasons to watch Dhyan Sreenivasan’s comedy drama
Cheena Trophy

Last Updated: 08.23 PM, Dec 06, 2023


Malayalam actor Dhyan Sreenivasan is all set for the theatrical release a his comedy drama, Cheena Trophy, on December 8. Helmed by debutant director Anil Lal, the movie revolves around the arrival of Zheng (played by Kendy Zirdo), a woman from China. Her presence somewhat disrupts the rhythm of the village, leaving the audience curious about her identity and the reasons behind her visit. The movie unfolds through humorous moments that feature Dhyaan and the other characters, offering a glimpse into the lives of the townsfolk against the backdrop of rural life. Cheena Trophy also stars Chef Pillai in pivotal roles. 


So, are you excited about watching Cheena Trophy in theatres? Not convinced yet? We're sure you will be after you go through our list of 5 reasons to watch Dhyan Sreenivasan and Kendy Zirdo’s comedy drama on the big screen:

Kendy Zirdo’s comeback to Malayalam cinema

The Arunachal Pradesh actress made her acting debut with Soubin Shahir's sci-fi Malayalam comedy Android Kunjappan version 5.25. In Cheena Trophy, she plays a Chinese tourist whose arrival in a small town piques curiosity among the town folk. The actress shines in the trailer and her portrayal promises to evoke several laughs.

Cross-cultural comedy

Cheena Trophy offers a refreshing story that revolves around Rajesh (Dhyan), a struggling entrepreneur running a bakeshop in a small town. The addition of Kendy's character, Zheng, from China introduces a cross-cultural element, promising an interesting blend of humour and drama. The story revolves around the impact of Zheng's arrival on the village, creating curiosity about her character and the reasons behind her visit. The trailer for the film also offers glimpses of some funny stunt sequences between Kendy and other characters, as she is seen showing off her karate skills.

Poster of Cheena Trophy
Poster of Cheena Trophy

An exploration of local cuisine

The trailer takes viewers through a variety of local cuisine, showcasing the diverse culinary delights of a small town. This unique food exploration, combined with the introduction of a character from China, not only adds an interesting cultural dynamic but also immerses the audience in local flavours. For those who enjoy movies that celebrate and explore different cuisines, Cheena Trophy offers a fun journey into the heart of a small town's culinary richness.

A still from Cheena Trophy
A still from Cheena Trophy

Realistic portrayal of characters

The trailer offers a glimpse into the lives of small-town folk as the film is set against the backdrop of rural life. Dhyan, who plays a cook, shares screen space with real-life chef Pillai. The movie appears to capture the essence of small-town experiences, especially in the context of a local restaurant. This realistic portrayal of rural life is intriguing for viewers who appreciate films that provide a window into different lifestyles and settings. The combination of humour and a realistic depiction of rural life adds interesting layers to the movie, making it worth watching for a diverse audience.

A still from Cheena Trophy
A still from Cheena Trophy

Impressive performances

Unlike other films with Dhyan Sreenivasan in the lead role, this film promises strong performances from its cast. The chemistry between the characters, especially the humorous moments featuring Dhyan and the other townsfolk, suggests that the actors have successfully brought the script to life.

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