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Choir OTT release date – When is the inspirational and musical Disney+ docuseries releasing?

Choir is an upcoming Disney+ documentary series that follows the hard struggle put into the rise of the Detroit Youth Choir from an America’s Got Talent winner to performing at Carnegie Hall. 

Choir OTT release date – When is the inspirational and musical Disney+ docuseries releasing?
The Detroit Youth Choir during performance

Last Updated: 09.09 PM, Jan 29, 2024


Choir is Disney+’s next addition to the documentary series genre, with a musical touch. The docuseries will feature six episodes and will drop on January 31, 2024. Directed by two-time Emmy nominated director Rudy Valdez, the refreshing show features extensive behind the scenes footage and insight into the dedication and hard work put in by its young members.

Series Name Choir
Director Rudy Valdez
Number of Episodes 6
Genre Musical Docuseries
Release Date January 31, 2024


The trailer of Choir

The Disney+ docuseries is produced by Blumhouse Television and Imagine Documentaries and released a trailer on January 8, 2024. Choir follows the kids of Detroit Youth Choir as they prepare to be chosen and execute the performance of a lifetime . The different members work harder than they ever have and try to make it among the fifty chosen members who will be privileged enough to travel and perform at Carnegie Hall.


The background of Detroit Youth Choir and their journey in the trailer

Even the trailer calls Carnegie Hall the “Superbowl” of performers. It takes musicians a lifetime to make it there, one of the biggest stages of the world. But the Detroit Youth Choir are no local high school group. They came second on America’s Got Talent in 2019 and returned to it in 2023 for a super performance on its all-star edition. The Detroit Youth Choir also recorded new music and released an album.

The trailer highlights the real-life struggles and sacrifices of the young members as they put everything at stake to make it to the prestigious stage. A courageous tale of endless practices and grueling training as well as injuries hold a candle to the fact that their efforts and diligence are not lesser than high school athletes.

With constant guidance, support, and motivation from a strict but caring director of the group, Anthony White, who appears at the trailer at all the crucial moments, the group aspires to create music, prepare singers, and fulfill dreams, one at a time. Choir promises to be a refreshing docuseries with a tough but heartwarming premise.

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