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Chrisann Pereira recalls washing hair with detergent, making coffee with toilet water in Sharjah jail

Actress Chrisann Pereira recounts her experience in Sharjah jail in a handwritten note

Chrisann Pereira recalls washing hair with detergent, making coffee with toilet water in Sharjah jail

  • Priyamm Dangi

Last Updated: 10.29 AM, Apr 29, 2023

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Sadak 2 actress Chrisann Pereira is released from Sharjah jail, after spending 26 days in prison. Tha actress, who was jailed on April 1 over drug charges, recounts her experience saying that she washed her hair with laundry detergent and made coffee with toilet water in prison.

Released on April 26, Chrisann penned a handwritten letter recounting her experience. She wrote, “Dear Warriors, it took me three weeks and five days to find pen and paper in jail. After I washed my hair with Tide and made coffee using toilet water, I watched Bollywood movies, sometimes with tears in my eyes, knowing my ambition had brought me here. I sometimes smile at our culture, our movies and the familiar faces on TV. I feel proud to be an Indian and belong to the Indian film industry.”

She also thanked her family, friends, police, churches, the media and everyone who believed in her innocence. “You are the real warriors while I am just a pawn in this dirty game played by these ‘Mansters’. I am forever grateful to everyone who tweeted and reshared my story to arrest the real criminals facilitating international organised crime. We are a great powerful nation, and I cannot wait to return home,” she added. The handwritten note was shared by the actor’s brother, Kevin Pereira on Instagram.

Kevin also shared a video on Instagram showing his mother Pramila Pereira, jumping in joy while talking to Chrisann over a video call, after her release from Sharjah prison.

Chrisann was jailed in Sharjah after a bakery owner, Anthony Paul, framed her in a drugs case. He asked his friend Rajesh Borate to pose as a talent manager and approach the actor to come for a talent audition in Sharjah.

Rajesh told Chrisann to audition for an international web series in Sharjah, for which her tickets and hotel accommodation were booked. On the day she was leaving, on April 1, Rajesh gave Chrisann a trophy with drugs hidden inside it. Rajesh then tipped off the police and the actor was arrested when she landed in Sharjah.

Reports by the Mumbai Crime Branch state that Anthony was upset with Chrisann’s mother over a fight they had during the pandemic and plotted for revenge. Apart from Chrissan, he has framed four people in the past. One of them, Clayton Rodrigues, is still lodged in Sharjah Prison. The police have arrested Paul and Borate.

The actress has worked in films such as Sadak 2 and Batla House. She also appeared in the web series Thinkistan and was a part of plays like Three Women, Drumroll and Sundays.