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Citadel new trailer: Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden as elite agents get their memories erased but escape death

The groundbreaking global series premieres on April 28, with new episodes released every Friday through May 26.

Last Updated: 10.12 AM, Mar 31, 2023


Amazon Video just released a brand-new, action-packed official trailer for the spy thriller Citadel, which is coming out soon and has a lot at stake. Beginning on April 28, the ground-breaking international series will air new episodes every Friday through May 26. The Russo Brothers' AGBO and showrunner David Weil executive produce Citadel, which stars Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas along with Stanley Tucci and Lesley Manville.

Citadel collapsed a decade before. Agents of Manticore, a powerful group that controls the world from the shadows, destroyed the independent global espionage agency that was supposed to keep everyone safe and secure. Elite agents Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), who just escaped death with Citadel's fall, had their memories erased. Since then, they have gone unnoticed while creating new identities and new lives.

Up until one night, when Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci), a former colleague at the Citadel, locates Mason and asks for his assistance in stopping Manticore from creating a new global order. Mason finds Nadia, his old spy partner, and the two of them go on an international mission to stop Manticore. Along the way, they have to deal with a relationship built on lies and deceit and a love that lasts but is dangerous.


Earlier, while talking about the series, Joe Russo dove further into the creation of the international franchise by saying that they considered this to be a very original narrative concept and a fantastic approach to forging a truly multifaceted worldwide community of storytellers to together tell a massive mosaic of a story. This was a concept that he believes was incredibly interesting to Anthony and him, and it was ignitable for them, which felt like a fantastic challenge after our work on other films and spending so much time around the world.

Anthony Russo further elaborated on this by saying that a thesis like this was something he and Joe had never heard before. Jen Salke's (the head of Amazon Studios) vision for what Amazon may do is very commendable. She would present them with a concept—a blueprint for a series that was so grandiose, all-encompassing, and international in scope. He and Joe have been collaborating on this for a very long time. The storytellers like the involvement of the international cinema industry. It's a fantastic opportunity, and they set to work attempting to find the proper path that could at least partially realise their goals. They were fortunate to have wonderful colleagues in order to do so.

For the Russo Brothers' AGBO, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Mike Larocca, Angela Russo-Otstot, and Scott Nemes make Citadel. The showrunner and executive producer is David Weil. Scott Rosenberg, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Josh Appelbaum are some of the people in charge of Midnight Radio. Executive producers include Patrick Moran and Newton Thomas Sigel as well.

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