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Citadel release date: When and where to watch Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden's espionage thriller

The series is created by the Russo Brothers.

Last Updated: 08.21 AM, Apr 25, 2023


After a wait of almost two years, Citadel is finally premiering on Prime Video this week. Six episodes make up the inaugural season of the international show, two of which will debut on Prime Video India on April 28 and one of which will stream each week until May 26. The espionage thriller features Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden in the lead roles.

At the world premiere of the first season of the international Spyverse in London, the Russo Brothers stated that Citadel is a globe-spanning show, and it was their mission to bring as much scale to it as possible.

Joe Russo of the Russo Brothers describes the world they are creating with Citadel as a spy agency we established decades ago that is independent of all governments and therefore immune to political influence. Its goal is to defend the interests of mankind as a whole. This show was five years in the making.

Joe added that Citadel is a globally distributed show, and it was their goal to give it as much scope as they could, which is why they travelled around the world to gather footage and imagery for the show.


Anthony said that Citadel is a worldwide performance; therefore, the notion that it is a global agency is at the core of what the show is. They have versions being built in Italy right now in Italian in addition to this first generation, which is being released this month on Amazon under the name Citadel. Additionally, an Indian version is currently being created. All of them will take place in the same fictional world of spies. About this, they are quite enthusiastic.

Joe continued that it's a new narrative, and whats to come is a surprise to the viewers. They have the ability to surprise people at every step, and this is the kind of show where nothing goes as planned. As one peels it back, it acts like an onion and twists all over them. Therefore, don't assume one knows everything too soon.

According to Anthony, they love the spy genre, and this was their opportunity as producers to help reinvent what that could be and bring a fresh version of it to the audiences, and the way they look to do that is through our characters.

Stanley Tucci and Lesley Manville play pivotal roles in Citadel.

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