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Class actor Zeyn Shaw: Wasn't only prejudiced against having fair skin; also because I came from abroad

Zeyn Shaw plays the role of Veer Ahuja in Netflix's Class.

Class actor Zeyn Shaw: Wasn't only prejudiced against having fair skin; also because I came from abroad
Zeyn Shaw/Instagram

Last Updated: 08.54 AM, Apr 11, 2023


Zeyn Shaw states that because of his fair complexion, he frequently experienced prejudice. Yet, the actor who portrays Veer Ahuja in Class believes that life has changed as a result of the first season's popularity. He claims that people's opinions of him have altered as a result of the show.

Zeyn, who is excited about Class' next season of its Hindi adaptation of the Spanish Netflix series Elite, agrees and tells Mid Day that he faces prejudice not only because of his fair skin but also because he is an immigrant. His American accent has to be lessened.

Shaw claims that although the second season hasn't yet started production, he is eager to see the screenplay for season two. To watch where his character goes, which excites him. Most are unaware that Class took around two years to film. Zeyn saw the series twice, but only the second time was he able to detach from his thoughts long enough to observe it and appreciate it from the perspective of an audience member. Since they announced the second season, the actor anticipates that conversations will begin shortly. According to Shaw, his acting skills have grown since the filming of season one and have opened up new chances.


He says he is in discussions about a number of projects and brands. This year, between August and September, his movie will be released. He acquired this movie before Class was made available.

The young actor, who goes to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film School in New York, says that his formal education did not prepare him enough for the culture shock of casting in India.

Shaw reveals that in America, everything is online, including screen tests and auditions, unlike here. He remembers his first trip to Aaram Nagar. Even though things have changed since the pandemic, he was surprised by how many people were waiting in line outside casting agencies for a part or even just an introduction. What a severe culture shock that was for him.

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