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Code 8 Part 2 trailer – An electrifying sequel to the thrilling saga of superpowers and robotic killer dogs

Code 8 Part 2 is finally around the corner, ready to make your leap day worthwhile. The tale of powers and brutal policing in dystopic Lincoln City continues, with new characters and conflicts. 

Code 8 Part 2 trailer – An electrifying sequel to the thrilling saga of superpowers and robotic killer dogs
A still from the trailer of Code 8 Part 2

Last Updated: 01.16 PM, Feb 03, 2024


Since its release in 2019, Code 8 has become a thrilling sensation, especially since its origin was thanks to the crowd that funded the film on Indiegogo for $2 million. It introduced us to the world of PWPs (people with powers) and the robotic police that brutally hunt them down in Lincoln City. Its sequel, Code 8 Part 2, furthers the story of Connor and Garrett, along with some new, intriguing characters.

Release date and trailer

Set to be released on Netflix on February 28, 2024, Code 8 Part 2 dropped its trailer yesterday. Despite having a zingy teaser, the trailer offered a proper peek at the chaos that is about to ensue in deadly Lincoln City. Out of prison, Connor now works as a janitor at a community centre, trying to stay out of trouble.


But all his good intentions go down the drain when he’s forced to help 14-year-old Pav escape a pack of corrupt officers led by the double-faced Sergeant King, who has a beaming smile and warm exterior but is corrupt inside. Despite being estranged from his previous partner-in-crime and current criminal lord of the city, Garrett, Connor is forced to seek his help to get Pav out of the city. But can he truly trust the man who caused his imprisonment in the first place?

Throughout the trailer, Sergeant King keeps on harping and manipulating the common masses: “Put your hands up and we won’t hurt you.” But their actions suggest otherwise. On the run, both Connor and Pav display their powers; though Pav’s power is not properly revealed, it hints at pyrokinesis. But she has better power within; she has hope and courage enough to make a stand and stop running. Whether she survives is yet to be seen.

What was Code 8 about?

In Code 8, powered crimes hit an all-time high after an industrial revolution leaves PWPs astray and jobless. The city’s rest of the ‘normal’ 96% population decides to buckle down on them and debate banning PWPs altogether. With police brutality on the rise, along with the introduction of robotic killer dogs and armed robotic police, the lives of Connor and Garrett, who joined the world of crime for their varying reasons, are blown apart. The question remains: can they survive and bounce back? More importantly, should they?

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