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Come Back To Me – BTS’ RM shows a beautiful transition from pain to comfort in first music video from RPWP

Kim Namjoon aka BTS’ RM has a beautiful story to tell in his first music video from Right Place Wrong Person, here's taking a deep dive into it

Come Back To Me – BTS’ RM shows a beautiful transition from pain to comfort in first music video from RPWP
BTS RM (Kim Namjoon)

Last Updated: 12.12 PM, May 10, 2024


Rap Monster (RM) from the K-Pop band BTS has unveiled the first song from his music album, RPWP aka Right Place Wrong Person. The song, Come Back To Me, sees Kim Namjoon go through three varied emotions, which is represented by three elements – the moon, sea and Earth. He does not disappoint, as the music video has a brilliant storyline rather than just being another track. The singer, who is the leader of Bangtan Sonyeondan, has created another piece of art and proved himself as a true artist with the very song.

Come Back To Me, more than a music video

Come Back To Me has a message to convey. It is about a boy fighting all fears and temptations to finally find his happy ending. He goes through three emotions before experiencing spring (in case you don’t already know what spring means to the group, go watch Spring Day).

The video commences with Namjoon enduring pain (and somehow looking delectable while doing so), as his friends try to offer comfort through temptations. We already know his history with temptations thanks to Blood, Sweat and Tears, and this time around, he did not fall into the same temptation. He gives you just enough time to understand the scene before moving on to tell his tale through words and music. That is when you hear, “Spring has always been here. I will sleep in her eyes.” This paints the perfect introduction to what is to come. In the particular scene, RM looks at a door, which appears to be the representation of the three elements (two of which he refers to in the music video). He thus hints at how the moon and sea work in sync during spring to make the Earth beautiful.

The moon

Just when he sings, “I will roll you to moon,” do we see him enter a new world. In this world, he has a family. His wife (Lee Sanghee) and daughter (Gi So You) are having a time of their own, when he enters the scene and his daughter longs for him, while his wife looks concerned. The beauty of the scene is enhanced when you notice four moon-like designs at the door (probably hinting that they are or were a family of four). One can notice the bandage above his eyes at this point, as he sings, “You don’t have to be the anything you see.” The same hints at his marriage not being as happy as it appears.

The sea

Soon, he takes you to a new scenario, this time singing, “Trying not to be something in the sea.” The focus, of course, should be on the last word. This time, he weathers a tornado like fight with who appears to be his partner (Kim A Hyun). At this point, you notice that the walls painted behind Namjoon are blue, leaving you wondering whether there will be calm or storm (that is what he does with the music video).


The transition

The third element appears to be Earth, but hasn’t been cleared in the video. At this point, Namjoon sings, “I see you come back to me,” but is violated again. This leads to him running to a place which is where all the pain and hurt began. He still cannot open the door he has been trying to find.

Just as he sings, “You are my pain, divine, divine,” baby Namjoon is showered with gifts but no love. Thanks to that, he hides behind toys and a bedsheet. If you thought that was beautiful, wait for the next scene. The transition goes from hiding behind toys to hiding behind a plant and not finding the right one till learning how to love oneself again (again, a concept that BTS promoted through their album, and Kim Taehyung aka V promoted in his song, FRIENDS). The beauty in the song is when Namjoon looks at himself and realizes, “Spring’s always been here (what he was searching for, was within him).”

After sailing thunder and storm, there is finally tranquillity in the video. This time around, the scenes replay but with new emotions in play. This time, the friends cheer for happiness and not drown in sorrow. And just like that, everything goes back to being alright. Thanks to the healing and a lover who supports him all the way through, Namjoon can now open the door he was so willing to all this while. Just like that, the music video ends with them living the life as imagined.

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