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Comedy skit linking Kamal Haasan, Bigg Boss Tamil fame Maya sparks outrage, TV actor Pugazh under fire

In the viral video, TV actor Pugazh asks a series of loaded questions to underscore Kamal Haasan's alleged favouritism towards Maya on Bigg Boss Tamil season 7. 

Comedy skit linking Kamal Haasan, Bigg Boss Tamil fame Maya sparks outrage, TV actor Pugazh under fire
Comedy actor Pugazh under for a skit mocking Kamal Haasan and Maya.

Last Updated: 02.04 PM, Jan 14, 2024


A comedy skit performed at a school event has caused massive outrage on social media, putting popular TV actor Pugazh in a tough spot. In the controversial video, Pugazh is seen implying that Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan displayed extreme bias towards Maya Krishna, a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7. The sketch goes further to suggest that Kamal harboured feelings for Maya.

In the video, Pugazh asks, another performing mimicking Kamal, a straight question, "What is the connection between you and Maya?" The mimicked Kamal responds with "Nothing," setting the stage for a series of loaded questions to underscore Kamal's alleged favouritism towards Maya. Pugazh continues, asking, "What is your favourite spot in Chennai?" to which the performer responds, "Mayajaal." Pugazh follows up with, "Your favourite film?" and the response is "Mayabazar." Lastly, Pugazh queries, "Your favourite place in Tamil Nadu?" eliciting the response, "Mayavaram," drawing laughter from the audience.

This skit is gaining a lot of traction on social media, receiving mixed reactions from people across the walks.

For some context, Kamal is the host of the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss Tamil. And Maya was one of the four finalists of season 7. Many have claimed that Kamal extended a lot of leniency when addressing rule violations committed by Maya during the show. Interestingly, he appeared to treat similar infractions with more severity when committed by other participants. It's important to note that this is merely a prevalent theory and lacks any evidence to establish such a pattern.

However, it has emerged as a popular topic among the viewers of the show on social media, which is now also spilling over into offline platforms as well.

Pugazh's attempt to amplify these baseless rumours for comedy has been received with much contempt. Popular singer and #MeToo activist Chinmayi Sripaada reacted sharply to the skit. 

"Ah so this is what it is about. One reality show and then people decide to pick a woman to slander. BTW young girls laughing at this, joining with the crowd (?) in the audience dont know that some man/men like these two will end up making fun of them or create rumours if it suits them. ‘Character’ rumours are, at most time, created by men who is either envious of the woman or wasn’t able to get her. And yes - men gossip more about who is a ‘slut’ than women do," she said. 

It's also noteworthy that Kamal's acquaintance with Maya extends beyond Bigg Boss Tamil. She has shared the screen space with Kamal in the blockbuster movie Vikram. She is also part of Lokesh Cinematic Universe aka LCU. 

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