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Conjuring Kannappan OTT release date: When, where to stream Sathish-Regina Cassandra's horror-comedy

Conjuring Kannappan presents an intriguing plot, offering a breath of fresh air in the Tamil horror-comedy genre.

Conjuring Kannappan OTT release date: When, where to stream Sathish-Regina Cassandra's horror-comedy
Sathish in a poster of Conjuring Kannappan

Last Updated: 12.25 PM, Dec 31, 2023


Netflix has announced the digital premiere date of the latest Tamil movie Conjuring Kannappan, starring Sathish and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles. The horror-comedy will make its streaming debut on January 5. 

Debutant Selvin Raj Xavier has written and helmed Conjuring Kannappan, which explores a new angle about nightmares. Based on the trailer, the film seems to revolve around the ordeal of people who unsuspectingly mess around with a mysterious dreamcatcher. Those who pluck feathers from the object in question experience nightmares that have real-world consequences. For example, Sathish, who is the first person to make the mistake of meddling with the dreamcatcher, feels trapped in a horrifying dream. Every time he falls asleep, he finds himself in a haunted mansion with plenty of terrifying ghosts on the prowl. However, the terror intensifies when injuries incurred in the dream, such as bumping his head against a wall while fleeing a ghost, manifest physically, with a swollen forehead upon waking. By that token, if he gets killed in the dream, he will die in real life too. 


The plot widens when Sathish's family also plucks feathers from the dreamcatcher, oblivious to its ominous nature. Now, in addition to safeguarding himself from the bloodthirsty ghosts, the protagonist shoulders the added responsibility of protecting his family.

Conjuring Kannappan seems to have an interesting plot and feels like fresh air of breath air in this genre. The horror-comedy has sort of grown stale with repeated themes and overused tropes aimed at making horror visuals more palatable for wider audiences. Director Selvin Raj Xavier appears to have been highly inventive in exploring new possibilities for crafting films within this genre.

Conjuring Kannappan also stars Nassar, Anandaraj, Saranya Ponvannan, VTV Ganesh, and Redin Kingsley.

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