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Crew | Was it difficult to direct three top Bollywood actresses? This is what Rajesh A Krishnan has to say

Ahead of Crew’s theatrical release on March 29, director Rajesh A Krishnan spilled the beans on working with three top actresses, challenges faced during shooting and more...

Crew | Was it difficult to direct three top Bollywood actresses? This is what Rajesh A Krishnan has to say

Rajesh A Krishnan reveals if it was difficult to direct Kriti Sanon, Tabu and Kareena Kapoor Khan in Crew

Last Updated: 03.23 PM, Mar 10, 2024


Rajesh A Krishnan, the director of the widely acclaimed black comedy Lootcase, is gearing up for the cinematic release of his biggest film ever – Crew – on March 29, 2024. The film stars Kriti Sanon, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Tabu, along with Diljit Dosanjh, Kapil Sharma and others in supporting parts. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Rajesh discussed his experience of working with the female trio, challenges faced during directing the film, et al. Read on...  

Rajesh A Krishnan's directorial experience with the female cast  

When asked if it was difficult to direct three top Bollywood actresses - Kriti, Kareena and Tabu, Rajesh replied that seeing their attitude on the sets, it was tough for him to figure out which of them was younger or older as they left their ‘star suits in the vanity’ and showed their real stardom by being true to their craft of acting. Explaining further, Rajesh added, " They were extremely respectful to the process. Yes, there were discussions, but it comes from a very honest place of curiosity. So, there was no pressure."  

Challenges faced during Crew shoot 

Unlike several other films, Crew was shot in real locations, thus making the whole shooting process more challenging. Citing an instance, Rajesh said, " Shooting in airport was a really high-pressure situation because there are so many restrictions in an airport. It was very lovely of Adani airport and the airport in Goa, that there was access to places where cameras have not gone before and are rather expensive places for film shoots." Rajesh also acknowledged veteran actor Anil Kapoor's contribution in helping him get through these venues easily. 

How Rajesh A Krishan came on board as Crew director  

In response to a question concerning how he got chosen as the director, Rajesh pointed out that Ekta Kapoor was looking for a director and she told him that everywhere she went, people asked her whether she had seen Lootcase. "So, I lucked out like that," he said. Even so, getting to match the dates of three ruling Bollywood heroines can be a cumbersome process for many directors and producers. However, what helped Rajesh was that the script and concept were already in place. Divulging more, Rajesh quipped, "The producers had already signed on Kareena and Kriti, while Tabu was brought in at the last minute. I was kind of on board when Tabu was contemplating whether to be part of the film or not. Maybe they were trying to reach out to her."  

Crew: Plot and Premise  

A heist comedy produced under Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures banner, Crew centres on the lives of three women who fall victim to deceptive situations and falsehoods. This is not only Rhea Kapoor and Kareena's reunion following Veere Di Wedding, but it's also Rhea's reunion with Ekta. They worked together on Veere Di Wedding and Thank You For Coming. It's interesting that their third movie is likewise focused on women. The movie was shot across Mumbai and Abu Dhabi. 

When asked more about the movie's premise, Rajesh elaborated that the plot is very pertinent to what is happening in the airline industry today. “It's about a bunch of women who are working in the airline business. And the airlines have their own set of problems as a result of which they can't really sustain the business. In the middle of all this, I think there's a bunch of people who really give their lives to their jobs. There, their lives get changed," he said He also shed light on the gross within the aviation industry and that the crew onboard has to bear with people's wrongful gaze and tantrums any given hour of the day.   

Lastly, he signed off by sharing that Crew is really about the fate of the airhostesses when their end of the bargain is broken. "It's about an adventure they set out on. It's about how they get into the situation. Do they get out of the situation? "- Crew attempts to answer these pressing questions, Rajesh believes. But he made it clear that it's more of a dramedy with an adventure to keep things interesting.   

Rajesh A Krishnan work projects  

As a producer, Rajesh said he will release many projects this year that he has been working on for some time. They usually belong to the suspense and comedy genres. Unlike Lootcase, it will fall under the mature comedy genre.  

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