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Crew – The film is about three ladies of different age groups in a boat called DISASTER, says Rajesh Krishnan | EXCLUSIVE

The man of the moment Rajesh Krishnan, who happens to be the director of Kareena Kapoor, Tabu and Kriti Sanon starrer Crew, spoke to OTTplay about the various aspects of the film

Crew – The film is about three ladies of different age groups in a boat called DISASTER, says Rajesh Krishnan | EXCLUSIVE
Rajesh Krishnan crew director

Last Updated: 09.56 PM, Apr 01, 2024


The very name of Rajesh Krishnan may not ring a bell to many. But it’s his work that has set his name ‘soaring into the skies’. We are indeed talking about the just released film Crew, which has got everyone talking. OTTplay caught up with the film’s director Rajesh Krishnan for an exclusive interview. Over to you, Rajesh…


Looking back at your stint of being a copywriter with agencies like Contract, Enterprise Nexus and Ogilvy to you directing the much talked about Crew, how does it feel?
Everybody would love to glorify their journey, but it's too old fashioned to do that. I wanted to tell stories. That’s when I saw that the filmmakers were having lots of fun. One could never get into a project with hundred percent confidence. I do not wish to do any project wherein I feel and I know that I know everything. I always approach with a clean slate. And Crew was no different! One can never go into a project with 100% confidence. One always has to get into experimental status!

By now, many people must have watched the film. But, for a person who is still contemplating whether to watch or not, how would you like to describe the film?
Simply put, the film is about three women of different age groups in a boat called disaster! They have to swim to the shore because the boat has developed a leak. Will they eventually make it to the shore, will they be able to fight crocodiles and the sharks and when they come to the shore, is that their destination! The boat here can be an analogy for life!

People have been raving about the casting of the film. Whose idea was it to cast the three stunning ladies? Were they the first choice?
This is a project which Rhea Kapoor had been envisaging for a couple of years even before I came on board. The film's story and the writing was very much in place. By the time I came on board, the three actresses were pretty much in place. To be more precise, Kareena was definitely in place and the talks had got finalised with Kriti. And as for Tabu, she was, at that point, taking time to respond.

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