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Daredevil Musthafa trailer: Welcome to Abachuru College where everything was normal until 'he' arrived

Directed by Shashank Soghal, the film is being presented in theatres by Daali Dhananjaya

Daredevil Musthafa trailer: Welcome to Abachuru College where everything was normal until 'he' arrived
A still from the film that is releasing on May 19

Last Updated: 06.13 PM, May 04, 2023


Kannada filmmaker Shashank Soghal’s debut feature, Daredevil Musthafa, takes audiences on a journey, to a college called Abachuru, where the teachers keep an eye on the boys, and they in turn keep an eye on the girls. Pretty standard stuff in all colleges, one would think. But then came along a new student, Musthafa, who upset the applecart and how! This is pretty much the gist of the trailer of Daredevil Musthafa, which was released moments ago on the official social media channels of Daali Dhananjaya’s Daali Pictures.

Dhananjaya, we hear, was mighty impressed with the showreel that Shashank presented, and after hearing of the filmmaker’s long quest to make the film, the Natararakshasa saw it prudent to give them a nudge and get it to theatres. The Kannada actor-producer has taken it upon himself to ensure that Shashank’s film gets a decent theatrical outing and enlisted KRG Studios to distribute it. The film will be in theatres on March 19, days after the Karnataka Election results, in the run up to which the trailer was revealed today. The film, based on a short story by famed litterateur Poornachandra Tejaswi, has been adapted into feature film length by Shashank, who had to crowd-fund to get the project going. As a result of this, he credits as many as 60 people on the list of producers.


While Shishir Baikady plays the title role, he is joined by Aditya Ashree, Abhay, Supreeth Bharadwaj, Aashith, Srivatsa, Prerana and several other young actors, as well as Nagabhushana, Poorna Mysore, Mandya Ramesh, Sundar and Veena Sundar, among others. Daredevil Musthafa is the first Kannada film to announce a post-election release date and audiences who have been waiting for content-oriented cinema, will probably lap it up after 2-3 weeks of no major releases in theatres.

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