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David Harbour details playing Frankenstein in James Gunn’s first DCU project Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos is the first project in Chapter One of James Gunn's DCU

David Harbour details playing Frankenstein in James Gunn’s first DCU project Creature Commandos
David Harbour and Creature Commandos Still

Last Updated: 03.20 PM, Nov 13, 2023


The euphoria around DCU and what it holds in the new era of the studio is quite intense. James Gunn is busy shaping a future that has to be a foundation that leads to a very strong realm because he is dealing with some of the most coveted superhero figures in Chapter One of his revamped DCU. The first project to come out from his kitty is Creature Commandos, an animated TV series. Turns out Netflix’s Stranger Things fame David Harbour is now talking about it. 

Creature Commandos, if you aren’t in sync with the news, sits at the top of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters of DCU . The series will hit the shores in 2024 and will kick start the new era of Warner Bros’ DC wing. It is an animated project that will be a series. But it is already confirmed that if a live-action twist is given to the IP, it will be the same voice actors who will have to play the parts in it. 

David Harbour voices Frankenstein in the animated version of Creature Commandos that is set to grace HBO Max next year. Now when asked how would he approach the actor if he had to act on screen in the live-action version, the actor has a Hulk example and has a perspective that makes all the sense. Read on. 

As per ComicBook, talking about the same, David Harbour said, "I mean, I don't know how they do it nowadays. It feels like Mark Ruffalo just puts some dots on his face for the Hulk. But I don't know how they'll do it. I've worn prosthetics in movies before, I'm definitely down for it. I just love telling great stories that people love. I'm just happy to get back to work."

The Stranger Things fame went on to call Franken stein wacky, strange, and complex. "Oh, yeah. No, he's very different. I mean, it's the mind of James Gunn so it is wacky and strange, but also full of a lot of depth and complexity," David Harbour added. "The most interesting thing to me about Frankenstein's monster in general is that he was created to be this sort of erudite, intellectual, romantic, brilliant person, and he winds up being a monster. I mean, that complexity can make for some pretty ripe comedy and also pathos—that a guy who considers himself one thing is viewed by others as something very different."

Creature Commandos doesn’t have a date attached to it, but as per the last update, it is confirmed that it will be released in 2024. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more.

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