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#Dboss is trending again, but to herald an impending fan war

July 29, 6 pm, is when Darshan Thoogudeepa fans claim they will begin a negative trend against Kiccha Sudeep

#Dboss is trending again, but to herald an impending fan war
Is there a Kiccha Sudeep-Darshan fan war on the horizon?

Last Updated: 09.09 PM, Jul 28, 2023


There’s not been an announcement about Darshan Thoogudeepa’s next film Kateera and neither was there news about his wildlife photography or related activities. And yet, on Friday evening, DBoss, as the actor is known to his fans, was trending on social media. If you’ve been wondering what kicked it off, this time around, it is not for the best of reasons. The majority of tweets that have got this Twitter storm brewing mention an impending fan war, with Darshan fans allegedly preparing to begi a negative trend against Kiccha Sudeep tomorrow at 6 pm. “Get Ready Boys 🌪️TOMORROW will be the FINAL FUNERAL for @KicchaSudeep and His Fans. Negative Trend Starts from 6.00 PM tomorrow,” was a commonly seen thread on Twitter.

Sudeep and Darshan during better times
Sudeep and Darshan during better times

The two actors had a whirlwind of a friendship more than a decade ago, which kickstarted after Darshan was released on bail from jail, following a domestic abuse issue. For a while, Sudeep and Darshan were inseparable, but it didn’t take long for the relationship to sour. The Challenging Star apparently took offence to an interview where Sudeep said that Darshan’s big break Majestic was first offered to him and since he could not accommodate dates, he claims to have referred the latter for the role. Over the years, the actors have made direct and veiled attacks at each other on social media, but there’s been quiet on that front for a while.

More recently, though, when producer MN Kumar brought up the issue of Sudeep’s failure to honour a commitment to make a film with him, the filmmaker let slip that the actor was instrumental in ensuring that his movies Shanti Nivasa and Mukunda Murari clashed with Darshan’s Suntaragalli and Yash’s Santhu Straight Forward, respectively. This had irked Darshan fans and while it is not clear if the reason behind tomorrow’s planned negative trend is this revelation, if it is anything like the Darshan and Puneeth fans feud, things could get ugly.

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