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DC’s Batman is being sold to Marvel? James Gunn can’t control his laughter; here are all the rumours DCU boss shot down

Even James Gunn was caught off guard in his latest ‘Let’s Kill Some Rumors’ session on Threads. 

DC’s Batman is being sold to Marvel? James Gunn can’t control his laughter; here are all the rumours DCU boss shot down
Batman, Marvel Logo, And James Gunn

Last Updated: 10.52 AM, Jan 08, 2024


One has to be completely cut off from the internet to not have any idea about the chaos that is unfolding in the superhero realms, both MCU and DCU. The latter, as we speak, is now prepping for a new dawn under the new leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran. While 'Superman: Legacy' will be the first live-action flick to come out of the studio, there is already a list of projects announced and confirmed under Chapter One: Gods And Monsters. This means that the rumor mills have enough fodder to work overtime and give us updates. But it is not every time these rumors are true. They are called rumors for a reason.

So, there is always a James Gunn to take down almost every rumor mill around his business. For the unversed, James Gunn, who is leading DCU with Peter Safran and writing and directing 'Superman: Legacy', has taken the job to once in a short while appearing on Threads (an X-like platform adjacent to Instagram) to shun rumors or hint at a confirmation. The filmmaker is always quite vocal about everything that he reads on the internet about his Warner Bros wing.

The most recent rumors to have come out about DCU are that the studio is planning to make a Plastic Man movie which is in the early stages of development at the studio. There are also reports that the Korean language Huntress movie will have Helena Bertinelli in the center and feature her as half Italian half Korean. Now, James Gunn is back on Threads to shoot down some rumors. Let’s see whether he shot these ones or not. Below is a list of rumors that he shunned.

John Logan NOT Writing The Brave And The Bold

After 'Superman: Legacy,' if there is one project that has the most curiosity attached in DCU, it has to be 'The Brave And The Bold,' as it will introduce us to a new Batman. Rumors had that John Logan was supposed to pen the script for the same. But recently, it was said that he is no longer attached to the project. Even before the rumor could reach far, James Gunn shot it down instantly by confirming that he was never a part in the first place. When a fan asked if Logan was ever a part of the project, Gunn replied, "No, he was not."

Green Lantern In Early 20’s

There are also reports that the DCU will indeed give Green Lantern another chance in the live-action world after having a really hard time with him in the last outing. The rumor has it that John Stewart aka Green Lantern in the DCU will be in his early 20s. When a fan asked, an irritated James replied, "Guys. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Everything out there is bullshit unless it comes from me. People don’t even know the writer on the show. How do you think they’d know [the] age [of] the character?"

Is DC Selling Batman To Marvel?

This has to be the most obnoxious rumor of the year, and we already know only a few could touch the bizarreness and randomness of this one. Someone actually thought DC could sell Batman out of every possible superhero on Earth to Marvel, to MARVEL, read that twice. This rumor left even James Gunn laughing, who had a quirky reply to this. James Gunn replied, 'You made an account just to ask this question?'

His Silence On Plastic Man & Huntress

While James Gunn answered most of the prominent questions, two constant topics that were part of numerous questions but the DCU boss still ignored were Plastic Man and Huntress. His ignorance or purposely given side-eye is now being called a possible confirmation of the same. Fans feel this silence means something about these rumors is actually accurate.

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