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Deadpool 3 to Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning; Super Bowl 2024’s TV Spots to include some exciting surprises minus Joker 2

Super Bowl 2024 is scheduled for February 11 and turns out there are a whole lot of things waiting for us in the breaks. 

Deadpool 3 to Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning; Super Bowl 2024’s TV Spots to include some exciting surprises minus Joker 2
Super Bowl 2024 Line Up

Last Updated: 05.07 PM, Feb 07, 2024


As we now move to February and everything that the month of love has to offer, the biggest event of the month is less than a week away from today. Super Bowl, the most widely followed sports event of the year, is all set to unfold coming Sunday on February 11, 2024. While we already know that The Kansas City Chiefs are all set to play against San Francisco 49ers and that Taylor Swift will be in attendance too. But let’s be very honest, for many of us, Super Bowl is more about the commercial breaks than the game because we are waiting for many surprises to drop. Like Deadpool 3 this year?

What Are The Surprises?

About Super Bowl Buzz: The most buzz-making project of the year is Deadpool 3 and turns out that is most anticipated ones even at the Super Bowl 2024. So far we have already heard a lot about the trailers and first looks that are expected to release during the event. A month ago we shared a tentative list of things that we thought will land at the sports event. However, now a new concrete list of things that is doing rounds on the internet and has a new list of titles. Of course the Merc With The Mouth is still on the list if that is your concern .


What To Expect: Marvel is expected to reveal the first look of their only 2024 theatrical release as per the buzz. The studio will be giving out Deadpool 3’s trailer during the event and there is no other suitable day to launch the first look of the most anticipated movie of the year that releases in July 2024. The House of Mouse doesn’t stop there. They are also expected to give out some promotional material for Inside Out 2 and Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes.

What About The Others?

What is surprising is that the new report says that Warner Bros., Sony, Netflix, and Amazon will not be joining the bandwagon. Which means we aren’t getting anything from Joker: Folie à Deux aka Joker 2 and other projects from the aforementioned studios. But that is not stopping Paramount+ from having a moment at the event. The studio is expected to release TV spots for Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off Knuckles, The Tiger’s Apprentice, The Family Stallone, and The Chi. Halo and Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning.

However, this is not the confirmed final list and there will be some surprises even after this. What is shocking is the absence of Madame Web in the list as it is a big release to be not considered for the same. However, something on Joker 2 should also be included as it is the only big screen DC release of the year.

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