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Dear Ishq episode 18 review: Romance is the flavour of Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show

The romance, which is the only thing working in this episode of Dear Ishq, is almost salvaged

Dear Ishq episode 18 review: Romance is the flavour of Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show
Dear Ishq.

Last Updated: 12.09 AM, Feb 16, 2023



Rizwan Khan observes Abhimanyu Razdan’s behaviour at the party. He also realizes that Asmita Roy means a lot to him. What will he do about the situation, remains to be seen.


Moving away from glimpses of Mumbai, Dear Ishq now commences with random shots from a party scene. Yes, you end up staring at a chandelier for a few seconds and a champagne bottle for a few more seconds. An upgrade? Sure. A good one? Not really.

The episode then commences from where the last ended. The intensity between Abhimanyu Razdan and Rizwan Khan does get interesting but it does not leave the impact it should, especially because there are laughters added for no special reason.

Stupid scenes just don't seem to end with this one. Mandatory dramatic music only adds to the drama which is not even required in scenes.

Sehban Azim as Abhimanyu does a fair job, given his role. His romantic side is the best part of the series.

Niyati Fatnani in the role of Asmita Roy is not the expression queen which doesn't come as a surprise. In front of her, Kishwer Merchant as Maya is a true beauty. She knows how to express and it is conveyed well.

Abhimanyu and Asmita's pairing works pretty well. He leads it and that helps it a lot.

Their close-ups, however, destroy the magic that the two are. Small things, like little drops almost flowing out of Abhimanyu's eyes as he realizes he's in love, makes the romantic scene a pretty watch.

A secret is revealed but it doesn't come as a huge surprise. This is unless there's something deeper the makers are planning to dig in.


The romantic scenes between Sehban Azim and Niyati Fatnani make this episode a worth watch. While the makers almost ruined that too, for the most bits, it is worth it, if you can bear with the immaturity that happens on the show.

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