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Dear Ishq episode 25 review: Sehban Azim makes the show bearable

The worst scene of Dear Ishq so far is here.

Dear Ishq episode 25 review: Sehban Azim makes the show bearable
Dear Ishq.

Last Updated: 09.48 PM, Feb 23, 2023



Asmita is hiding a big truth. What is the huge twist in the story? Find out.


Dear Ishq commences in a random manner. It literally picks off mid-conversation, from where the last episode ended. It is about Niyati Fatnani in the role of Asmita Roy and Sehban Azim’s Abhimanyu Razdan and their forced romance.

Of course, Niyati is made to overact. The music helps in killing the buzz of the show to a great extent.

Obviously, Sehban’s Abhimanyu helps the show because of how his character is written. Not that Sehban or Niyati act bad here but the characters and show could’ve been written in a much better way.

Puneet Tejwani as Peter comes in a cameo appearance this time. He’s there only for a brief period of time but leaves an impact.

Beena Banerjee and Jyoti Mukherji share a fun bond as Asmita’s grandmom-mom, just like always. They, unfortunately, are also made to overact.

Kunal Verma’s Rizwan Khan is the target this time around. He’s the target of three shots, along with Niyati’s Asmita. They both are made to overact in the scene. It is the worst scene of the series so far with so many zoom shots with thunder music.

Kishwer Merchant as Maya is nice as an actor. Of course, she is also made to overact but somehow manages to stay afloat.

This time, the episode ends on an interesting note but no so interesting that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is like the speciality of Dear Ishq. Keep the start absurd, middle barely bearable and the end a little interesting.


Having a bad day? Want to make it worse? Watch Dear Ishq already!

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