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Dear Ishq episode 31 review: Sehban Azim makes the unbearable slightly better

Dear Ishq gets back to being dramatic, the Indian TV way.

Dear Ishq episode 31 review: Sehban Azim makes the unbearable slightly better
Dear Ishq.

Last Updated: 08.29 PM, Mar 03, 2023



Abhimanyu goes live with Asmita, piquing curiousity about their equation. Will this break Asmita’s relationship with Shauvik?


Dear Ishq commences right where the last episode ended. Thank God for that! Sehban Azim’s Abhimanyu Razdan and Kishwer Merchant’s Maya have a dialogue and once again, thank god, for they are the only actors who have performed relatively better on the show. The intense and desperate emotions work well with one another.

Niyati Fatnani’s Asmita Roy enters the scene, duh, but she’s a surprise. While almost pokerface while delivering her dialogue, she’s just slightly convincing.

Of course, the makers bring their trademark thrice zoom-in frame with thunder music back soon after! It does not stop at that! The zoom shifts to everyone in the scene. We got it the first time!

Puneet Tejwani as Peter is there in a cameo and so, he doesn’t have much to perform.

Sugandh Dhindaw as Bani is seen in a cameo with Kunal Verma as Rizwan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s even lesser cameo. Sugandh is a drag to watch, just like everytime. This time, the makers went further and added her in ‘thrice the drama.’

Vikas Grover as Anirban kills it with his expressions. While he usually is not interesting to watch, this time he makes it better to follow.

Roma Bali as Nita and Sanjeev Seth as Raman are in their role. She, especially, works like always. The makers cut their scene short and abrupt and so, there’s no more scope of them showing their talent.

Abhimanyu’s pokerface dialogues with Asmita are good only as dialogues, not when the actor says it.

Buneet Kapoor as Shauvik is barely there. His scene with Asmita is simply disappointing. Abhimanyu, on the other hand, isn’t even in the slightest. He makes the end of the episode worth it.


Sehban Azim is why you can tolerate this unbearable episode. He makes this one slightly better, even if there’s very little scope of that.

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