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December 2023, Week 2 OTT India releases - From Chamak, Dhak Dhak, Jigarthanda DoubleX to Kadak Singh, The Archies, Vadhuvu

In the second week of December 2023, many English, French, Korean, Thai, Italian, Hindi, Telugu, Norwegian, Indonesian, and Tamil titles will be released on OTT.

December 2023, Week 2 OTT India releases - From Chamak, Dhak Dhak, Jigarthanda DoubleX to Kadak Singh, The Archies, Vadhuvu
Jigarthanda DoubleX; Dhak Dhak; Chamak; Kadak Singh; The Archies; Vadhuvu

Last Updated: 04.23 PM, Dec 03, 2023


The second week of December 2023 has a curated list of upcoming releases on various streaming platforms. From heartwarming Christmas tales and family dramas to thrilling adventures and stand-up specials, this diverse lineup is sure to entertain cinephiles. 

Learn about the titles releasing in the second week of December 2023 in detail below:

Analog Squad - December 7 (Netflix)

See the "Analog Squad!" in action! In an effort to mend a fence that had split a real family apart, four total strangers devised a scheme to pretend to be a family in 1990. The mayhem and anarchy they invariably bring about is never anything short of amusing. A cunning middle-aged guy assembles a false family to reunite with his sick, estranged father for a final visit after learning of his illness.

Blood Coast - December 6 (Netflix)

A ruthless drug dealer besieges Marseille, while a rebellious captain leads a daredevil squad that welcomes a new member with her own agenda.

Campus Beats Season 3 - December 5 (Amazon miniTV)

All the OGs and BGs will have their secret sides revealed in the upcoming final season of Campus Beats. What happens next in the love affair between Ishaan and Netra? Will it finish happily, or will they start over? Who will tell Netra's truth?

Chamak - December 7 (SonyLIV)

The Canadian artist Kaala is the protagonist of Chamak, a story about a young woman whose tragic father's death prompts her to seek revenge, reunite with her long-lost family, and travel to Punjab. Resentment manifests itself in his songs.

Christmas as Usual - December 6 (Netflix)

As a result of the cultural differences between Jashan's Indian family and Thea's Norwegian family, Christmas becomes a tumultuous affair as they celebrate their engagement.

Dating Santa - December 8 (Prime Video)

Lucia, a single mother, and Leo, a little girl whose faith in Santa and the magic of Christmas is her sole source of hope, Leo also thinks she is a miracle, the result of a desire her mom made a long time ago that Santa answered. Lucia goes on a blind date with Sergio, a famous chef who is single and unmarried, one night. They will meet a year from now, right before Christmas, since the sparks are instantaneous, but she isn't ready to tell her daughter just yet. Sergio shows up at her house disguised as Santa Claus, just as he had said. Lucia, in a state of profound fright, informs Leo that Sergio is indeed Santa. As a season-long enthusiast, Leo is both thrilled and wary, and she puts this fictitious Santa through her paces. After he crafts a magical experience, he wins her love. However, their deceit shatters the illusion when she discovers it. As Leo runs to Sergio's restaurant to drop off her letter to Santa, she feels both disappointed and nostalgic about being misled, reminiscing about the magic of Christmas and witnessing her mom happier than ever. Now she desires a family more than she does toys. Once again, Lucia and Sergio enthusiastically accepted her dream and agreed to start a family together.

Dhak Dhak - December 8 (Netflix)

In search of the world's highest motorable road, four regular women embarked on a remarkable adventure. They forge a lifelong relationship while rediscovering themselves on the adventure.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever - December 8 (Disney+ Hotstar)

This year's winter breaks are proving to be particularly trying for Greg Heffley. Greg is worried that Santa won't bring him the new gaming console he wants after he and his closest friend, Rowley Jefferson, crash a snowplough while building a snowman. Being stuck at home with his family—including his spoiled older brother Rodrick and his obnoxious younger brother Manny—only worsens things for Greg.

High Tides - December 7 (Netflix)

In Knokke's verdant environs, twentysomethings Alexandre and Louise enjoy what appears to be a carefree summer with their pals. But their parents have great expectations, and they run the risk of drowning in a life of partying and opulence while they seek the one thing they can't seem to find: genuine friendship, love, and, most importantly, themselves. Eliyha Altena's character, Daan, and Anna Drijver's character, Melissa, arrive and cause even more chaos in their lives as they, too, seek to uncover the truth behind the masks.

Hilda Season 3 - December 7 (Netflix)

The fearless and independent Hilda returns for one last journey brimming with fantastical beasts, enchantment, loved ones, and faraway lands.

History: The Interesting Bits - December 7 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Join them as they unearth the hilarious, terrifying, terrible, interesting, and at times absurd tales that lie buried behind mountains of dry dates, monarchs, politicians, conflicts, and treaties. Among these tales are those of the spy who sought to cast a spell, the president who urinated radioactively, and the man who sold the Eiffel Tower not once but twice!

I Hate Christmas Season 2 - December 7 (Netflix)

A nurse who enjoys being single most of the year decides on December 1 that she will finally find someone to spend Christmas with after years of feeling guilty about being solo during the holidays.

Isabel Preysler: My Christmas - December 5 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Isabel Preysler gets her family ready for Christmas, a truly unforgettable occasion.

Jigarthanda DoubleX - December 8 (Netflix)

A legendary criminal chooses a director in an effort to become a movie star, but their project takes a turn for the worse than anybody could have imagined.

Kadak Singh - December 8 (ZEE5)

As AK Shrivastav lives his eccentric life in a hospital with retrograde amnesia, multiple versions of his life story are being told to him. He learns the cause of his illness while he attempts to distinguish reality from imagination.

Koose Munisamy Veerappan - December 8 (ZEE5)

As he takes us on his journey utilising rare video recordings, Veerappan reveals fascinating details about his life. This documentary series offers fresh insights from famous people's points of view, enriched with an interesting retelling of the events.

Leave the World Behind - December 8 (Netflix)

Trust falls apart quickly when a peaceful retreat abruptly becomes a disaster zone. When a cyberattack disables the family's devices and two strangers show up at their door, their opulent rental home getaway takes a dark turn.

Mann Pasand - December 7 (Prime Video)

A new set by "Sakht Launda," widely regarded as one of the most engaging and hilarious stand-up comics in India, promises hours of belly-aching laughter as he recounts the eccentric anecdotes of his life in Goa, including his friendships, relationships, and the inevitable confrontations that arise between them.

Mast Mein Rehne Ka - December 8 (Prime Video)

A touching story that explores the parallel lives of two generations, Mast Mein Rehne Ka follows the protagonists as they face life's challenges and navigate their own reservations. A masterwork of narrative craft, it explores timeless ideas like second chances, forgiveness, and redemption in love and in life. No matter your age or the obstacles life throws at you, the story is an uplifting voyage that shows how valuable life is and how to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Merry Little Batman - December 8 (Prime Video)

Damian Wayne's Christmas wish this year is to join his famous father, Batman, in the superhero world. On Christmas Eve, Batman battles Gotham's worst supervillains, leaving Damian home alone. In his investigation, he uncovers a conspiracy to steal Christmas and seizes the opportunity to save the day.

My Life With the Walter Boys - December 7 (Netflix)

A tragic tragedy takes the lives of Jackie's family, forcing her to leave her wealthy life in Manhattan and move to rural Colorado. There, she finds herself caught up in a love triangle involving two brothers.

Scooby-Doo! and Krypto, Too! - December 10 (JioCinema)

The Justice League of America, DC Comics' most famous heroes, has gone missing, and a spooky ghost has taken up residence in Justice Hall. Scooby and the gang, along with their new friend Krypto the Superdog, are the best detectives in the world, and it is now their mission to uncover the truth and rescue our heroes.

Smothered - December 8 (JioCinema)

An unconventional romantic comedy, Smothered tells the story of two worlds coming together in a place where love grows as the stresses of contemporary dating continue. Sammy, a strong-willed young woman, is ready to have fun and is weary of immature men and dating apps. Tom is a calm, caring man who has his share of problems, but he has never been one to swing for the fences. After meeting on a night out, the two strangers wind up in a karaoke booth, singing their hearts out in their inebriated state. As expected, they end up getting together. They get together. In what seemed like a brilliant idea at the moment, the two strangers agree to have an affair for three weeks without any commitment, but only if they promise to never communicate again. After what was supposed to be a brief period of wonderful sex, pasta in bed, and using only first names, the obvious sparks began to fly between them. But Sammy quickly learns the awful truth about Tom's life: his six-year-old daughter, Ellie, is seeing another woman.

Soundtrack #2 - December 6 (Netflix)

Once upon a time, Suho and Hyeonseo were a romantic couple. Fast forward six years, and they cross paths again as a young, wealthy CEO and a piano teacher. K offers Hyeonseo an opportunity to join Suho on a project, and the two of them go on an exciting but turbulent romantic adventure.

Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal - December 5 (Netflix)

During this filthy and riotously acidic stand-up special, comedian Stavros Halkias joyously blasts computer culture, flight travel, sex, breakups, and even himself.

Suzanna: Malam Jumat Kliwon - December 7 (Netflix)

A woman's death at the hands of black magic results in her resurrection as a furious spirit determined to reunite with her newborn child, all because a shaman cursed her.

The Archies - December 7 (Netflix)

With a treasured park on the brink of destruction at the hands of developers in 1960s India, Archie and the gang must manage romance, friendship, and Riverdale's destiny.

The Mission - December 10 (Disney+ Hotstar)

The tragic shooting death of young American missionary John Chau in 2018 shook the globe. On North Sentinel Island, home to one of the world's most isolated Indigenous communities, Chau had been trying to establish contact with the locals. The Mission explores the captivating mythology of exploration that fascinated Chau, the evangelical community that supported his mission, and the pain his father endured due to his son's insatiable hunger for adventure, which ultimately became a deadly addiction.

Vadhuvu - December 8 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Marrying into a mystery home puts a young bride's life in danger. She will not rest until she learns her new family's secrets, no matter how terrible her history is.

World War II: From the Frontlines - December 7 (Netflix)

This documentary series breathes new life into World War II through the use of highly remastered historical video and the perspectives of people on both sides of the fight.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 - December 8 (Prime Video)

This time of year is really magical. But will Hayley and James be the ones who benefit? To celebrate Christmas with James's new American fiancée, James's dad has invited the Taylors to a five-star ski resort in the Austrian Alps. Hayley's dad, Geoff, misunderstood and insisted on taking care of his family's booking. Due to an airport transportation mix-up, two tribesmen from different tribes wind up at each other's lodgings, which are located on opposite sides of a valley and have wildly contrasting Tripadvisor reviews. Has Hayley and James's future together gone off the rails, or will their relationship endure another tumultuous family Christmas?

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