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Desi K-pop fans, want to learn Korean? These six songs are perfect for kick-starting your language journey

These six tracks from various groups and soloists can serve as an accessible gateway to mastering the Korean language.

Desi K-pop fans, want to learn Korean? These six songs are perfect for kick-starting your language journey

K-pop songs to ease your way into learning Korean

Last Updated: 03.10 PM, Jan 26, 2024


From music to movies, technology to food, the world has developed a fascination for South Korea, and India is certainly not far behind. With the Korean wave (Hallyu) gaining momentum among Indians, thanks to the prominent K-pop group BTS and the widespread viewing of K-dramas during the Covid-19 pandemic, Desi fans have developed a fondness for the country and are eager to learn the language.

A recent study conducted by LTL Language School, specializing in Asian languages, has observed a surge in the importance of K-pop songs as a crucial entry point for learning a language that may initially seem complex. The study highlights these six tracks from various groups and soloists, serving as an accessible gateway into mastering a language.

Just One Day – BTS


Released in 2014 as part of BTS' second extended play, "Skool Luv Affair," the track "Just One Day" has recently gained traction as a trend on TikTok and Instagram, where influencers engage in the "I don't know Korean but..." trend, playing the lyrics of this song. 

The track has received online acclaim as one of the most accessible songs for learning Korean. Moreover, the widespread popularity of BTS ensures a wealth of learning resources, including lyric videos and translations.

Lilac – IU

Lee Ji-eun aka IU's fifth studio album, "LILAC," made its debut in 2021. The title track of the same name is a beautiful ballad that stands out as an excellent choice for learners to carefully grasp pronunciation. The song also serves as a cultural gateway, offering exposure to IU's celebrated artistry.

Love Scenario – iKON

"Love Scenario" remains iKON's most renowned track, standing out as one of the most infectious ballads in K-pop, despite its release back in 2018. The lyrics incorporate everyday vocabulary commonly used in conversations, offering practical language skills for daily communication.

Solo – Jennie (from BLACKPINK)

The song "Solo" is Jennie Kim's first venture as a solo artist and was released in 2019, concurrent with her engagements in the group BLACKPINK. The song positions itself as a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their language proficiency, particularly those keen on staying abreast of contemporary K-pop trends. 

Featured in aespa's debut extended play, "Savage," the song "Next Level" was released in 2021 and swiftly became a sensation. Through its use of contemporary language, it offers learners insights into modern colloquial expressions, making it both entertaining and instructive. 

Hello Future – NCT Dream

A lively and infectious track featuring an upbeat tempo, "Hello Future" was released in 2021 as the title track for NCT Dream's first album repackage of the same name. The song offers exposure to contemporary language expressions and colloquialisms used by the younger generation.

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