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Devi Chowdhurani has global co-producers, set to go on the floors

Amid speculations, Subhrajit Mitra shares the news on his social media

Devi Chowdhurani has global co-producers, set to go on the floors
Srabanti and Arjun

Last Updated: 08.11 PM, Dec 06, 2023


Subhrajit Mitra is angry. He has been facing many difficulties since Devi Chowdhurani was announced. He is now going to start the shooting. Recently, a blind item in a newspaper hinted that the producers withdrew themselves. Prosenjit Chatterjee, one of the leading cast, removed himself from the project and the heroine Srabanti Chatterjee was not pleased when it came to light, according to the speculations. Srabanti recently signed a new film, Amar Boss, with Windows Productions. 

Meanwhile, Subhrajit shared a piece of news on social media about making the film. In an interview with Aajkal Dot In, he said, “ADited Motion Pictures is producing the film. They shared a fresh update that the film has international co-producers from the UK and US. If they go away, how am I sharing the news on their letterhead?” He shared the post by the production house which stated that production companies from the USA and the UK will also co-produce the film. “Thus, the film is of international standard and hence is taking time. Names of the other producers will not be made public right now. Production companies of three top-ranking countries are behind the film. From now on, please think before spreading rumors,” he said.  

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Making a period drama is a costly affair. Was that why Subhrajit took producers from three countries? Or is it to avoid the rumors? Subhrajit said that it was decided long before but he did not tell it initially. Now, the conspiracy to destroy the movie made him open his mouth. The shooting has been set for next year to arrange it properly. The presence of production companies from three countries makes the film eligible for BAFTA and Oscar. 

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