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Dhanya Balakrishnan denies any role in the controversial 2012 social media post allegedly made by her against Tamil Nadu

A tweet claiming to be made by Dhanya Balakrishnan in 2012 was shared recently, sparking a new controversy a week ahead of her upcoming film Lal Salaam's release.

Dhanya Balakrishnan denies any role in the controversial 2012 social media post allegedly made by her against Tamil Nadu
Dhanya Balakrishnan

Last Updated: 07.34 PM, Feb 02, 2024


An old social media post allegedly made by actress Dhanya Balakrishnan in 2012 is now a heated topic of discussion, a week ahead of the release of her upcoming film, Lal Salaam. The Raja Rani actress made a statement today (February 2) through her social media page, claiming that she did not make such a post.

Being cast in Lal Salaam has drawn a lot of criticism for Dhanya. Aishwarya Rajinikanth, the director, and Rajinikanth himself have also come under fire, with many questioning how they can defend casting someone who has made such offensive remarks about Tamil Nadu.

Dhanya Balakrishnan’s statement over the issue

Dhanya Balakrishnan's statement
Dhanya Balakrishnan's statement

The actress pointed out that twelve years prior, she had made it clear that it was a screenshot made by a troll. Dhanya also wrote that she and her family were the targets of many threats and hate mail, so she chose to keep quiet for 12 years in order to protect them.

Dhanya also expressed regret to Rajnikanth, Aiswarya, and the actor's supporters for any inconvenience this backlash had caused to the movie. "I am powerless and helpless at this point, and I only hope you have the heart to see the truth in this," she noted.

All about this controversial social media post

Recently, a social media post claiming to be from Dhanya Balakrishnan in 2012 was shared, sparking a wave of criticism directed at the actress. She purportedly stated in the post that residents of Tamil Nadu beg Karnataka for water, electricity, and other necessities.

The actor allegedly made the post while rooting for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2012 Indian Premier League. Dhanya faced harsh criticism despite the fact that it was not confirmed that she had written the post.

Naturally, the post sparked a great deal of anger targeted at Dhanya. She declared that she chose not to star in the Tamil films that she had signed at the time, in response to harsh criticism.

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