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Dhimahi: Saahas Pagadala’s film gives a supernatural twist to a revenge thriller

Nikhita Chopra, Virat Kapur, Sreejith Gangadharan play other key roles in the film

Dhimahi: Saahas Pagadala’s film gives a supernatural twist to a revenge thriller

Last Updated: 02.29 PM, Oct 27, 2023


The lead actor of the sci-fi thriller 7: 11 PM, Saahas Pagadala, is back in action on and off screen with his latest release - Dhimahi. Besides playing the lead role, he has co-directed the film with Naveen Kante and produced it along with Virat Kapur. Nikhita Chopra, Virat Kapur, Sreejith Gangadharan, Ashika Pagadala too play crucial roles in the film which hit screens today.

The film is set in Australia revolving around a happy Indian family. Jaidev, Mythri are parents to a visually challenged girl Mahi, who’s a budding musician. She’s also quite attached to her uncle Karthik, a medico by profession. One day, Mahi goes missing and despite repeated attempts spanning weeks, her family struggles to trace her whereabouts. Karthik takes stock of the situation to find answers.

The premise

The story of Dhimahi is familiar and as old as the hills - a protagonist stands up for his family member and goes out of the way to reconnect with her and seek vengeance. Before centring the tale on the family, the thriller begins with a chilling folklore revolving around the Perumal clan, an ancient practice of interacting with the dead and a sacred text describing its inner workings.


A peek into its world

Dhimahi tries to blend an ancient belief with a scientific basis through an emotional tale that compels the protagonist to risk his life for his loved ones. Beyond Karthik, the character of his romantic interest - Nidhi - is integrated into the story smartly. A series of twists post the intermission bring urgency into the screenplay. The raw action sequences and the supernatural touches are intriguing.

The analysis

If the first hour focuses on the trauma experienced by the family after the loss of Mahi, the latter half throws light into the antagonist’s motive, the conflicts that come in the way of Karthik’s life and a subsequent resolution. A screenplay-driven film like Dhimahi could’ve conveniently done away with the songs for a better impact.

The detailing of the scientific aspects could’ve been clearer. The film’s most interesting segments revolve around how the protagonist finds his way in the world of the ‘unknown’. For thriller enthusiasts, Dhimahi definitely has something new to offer and packages an unconventional narrative in a mainstream, comprehensible format.

With a shorter runtime, sharper writing and stronger performances, Dhimahi could’ve registered a better impact. Yet, the film merits a viewing for its novelty and the attempt to deal with an abstract theme using cinematic liberties. On the technical front, both the cinematography and the music complement its ambience and do the needful.

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