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Did BTS' Jungkook accidentally expose Kim Taehyung's TikTok account? ARMY go on detective mode

Jeon Jungkook had accidentally disclosed his own private TikTok account earlier this year.

Did BTS' Jungkook accidentally expose Kim Taehyung's TikTok account? ARMY go on detective mode
BTS' V and Jungkook

Last Updated: 03.34 PM, Oct 13, 2023


BTS' Golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook, who accidentally disclosed his private TikTok account, appears to have made a similar slip with his bandmate Kim Taehyung. Although it's yet to be confirmed that the TikTok account belongs to V, dedicated ARMY detectives are already on the case to uncover the truth.

The speculation began when Jungkook followed an account named @henssnun0hv on TikTok but quickly unfollowed it. Curious fans who checked out the account discovered it had liked several dance challenge videos set to "Slow Dancing," the title track of Taehyung's solo album, "Layover." ARMY wasted no time connecting the dots, assuming that the account indeed belonged to V and that Jungkook had inadvertently exposed it.

About Jungkook revealing his own account:

Regarding Jungkook's own account revelation, the story began during a Weverse live session where he shared a TikTok video featuring ENHYPEN dancing to his song "Seven," while praising Jay and Jungwon for their impressive dance skills. Fans soon realized the shared link led to Jungkook's private TikTok account under the name "Ian." 

Jungkook promptly changed the username to "JK" after realizing his mistake, but the name "Ian" had already become a trending topic. His private TikTok account rapidly gained a million followers as fans flooded to it.

In response to playful teasing from fans regarding the name "Ian," he updated his bio with a humorous message: "Don't make fun of me."

Jungkook quickly surpassed BTS' record for gaining a million followers within a few hours on TikTok. He also received the coveted blue verification checkmark. 

Although Jungkook initially mentioned that he wouldn't be very active on the account and would primarily use it to keep an eye on things, he has since joined in on dance challenges, liked videos of other artists dancing to his songs, and even enjoyed adorable animal content.

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