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Did Shekhar Kapur actually INTOXICATE a cockroach before shooting the scene with Sridevi in Mr. India? Deets here!

In a recent interview, the ace filmmaker Shekhar Kapur recalled how he and Baba Azmi tried to intoxicate the cockroach before the cameras started rolling!

Did Shekhar Kapur actually INTOXICATE a cockroach before shooting the scene with Sridevi in Mr. India? Deets here!
Shekhar Kapur on Mr. India

Last Updated: 06.11 PM, Apr 05, 2024


There must hardly be anyone who has not seen or heard about one of Bollywood’s iconic films Mr. India. The film, today, is considered no longer a film. It's rather a cult in itself. How can anyone forget the film, which was totally ahead of its time. At a time when Bollywood films were all about romance and family drama, there came Mr. India, which was one of India’s premiere sci-fi films. 

Shekhar Kapur reveals technique used to shoot cockroach scene in Mr. India!

Who could have ever thought of having a watch that would make a human being disappear and make him appear under red light! Well, in a recent interview, the film’s director Shekhar Kapur revealed a few important aspects about the film.

Did they intoxicate the cockriach before the scene?

In an interview with Daily Post PHH, Shekhar Kapur spoke about the extremely famous cockroach scene, which, till date, manages to evoke oodles of laughter, thanks to the extremely well shot scene featuring the legendary Sridevi and also the ‘cockroach’. He revealed that, while shooting for the particular scene, they were in a dilemma as they were unsure about how to go about shooting the cockroach.

That’s when Shekhar Kapur and Baba Azmi hit upon an idea. What they did was something that was beyond anyone’s imagination! In order to shoot the scene, wherein Sridevi was to be shown as being chased by the cockroach, they got a bottle of rum and poured it in front of the cockroach, assuming that the cockroach will land up drinking it! The rest, as they say, is history!

Talking about the cult film Mr. India, only recently, Anil Kapoor was spotted in the extremely famous ‘Mr. India look’, after he was seen wearing a white shirt that he had paired with black pants and also shoes. He topped it all up with the trademark hat, which was very similar to what his character in Mr. India was seen wearing! Not just the paps, but also the netizens were just too happy to see Anil Kapoor recreate the Mr. India look!

Looking back, the iconic film, Mr. India, which was released in 1987, had Anil Kapoor, (late) Sridevi, (late) Satish Kaushik and the extremely powerful character of Mogambo, which was brought alive by the (late) phenomenal actor Amrish Puri. The film went on to become a benchmark at the box office of Bollywood! Even though there were talks about the film being remade as per today’s standards, there has been no specific movement in that direction!

Watch this space for development.

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