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Dil: Revisiting the classic romance of Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit

Dil reaches a milestone, celebrating 34 years of Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit's blockbuster.

Dil: Revisiting the classic romance of Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit
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Last Updated: 10.21 AM, Jun 23, 2024


Recently, Dil, starring Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit, completed 34 years of release. The romantic drama film hit the big screen on June 22, 1990, and became an instant hit. After its release, critics praised Dil for becoming the highest-grossing film of the year, praising the soundtrack and the actors' performances in particular. Naushir Khatau and Kamlesh Pandey wrote the script, Anand-Milind provided the music, and Indra Kumar made his directorial debut. Now, at its milestone, it's time to revisit Dil, as it's currently streaming on Prime Video and ShemarooMe (OTTplay Premium). The film also stars Anupam Kher and Saeed Jaffrey in supporting roles. 

Dil plot summary

In the film Dil, the selfish and bigoted dads ruin Raja's (Aamir) and Madhu's (Madhuri) once-innocent romance. The son of a junk dealer named Hazariprasad (Kher) is Raja, and the daughter of a rich manufacturer named Mr. Mehra (Jaffrey) is Madhu. Raja's father attempts to portray himself as a prosperous businessman to Madhu's father, but the engagement ceremony catches him in the act, resulting in his humiliation. See how the unbreakable bond between Raja and Madhu's love compels their fathers to put the past in the past and celebrate their marriage.


In a nutshell, in Dil, while Madhu's affluent father takes great pride in his position, Raja's father is stingy with his money. Both parents attempt to break up Raja and Madhu's marriage because it goes against their parents' wishes.

On-set antics

Interestingly, during the film, there was a time when Madhuri chased after Aamir with a hockey stick, despite the fact that she always appeared enchanted by him. Aamir, who is notorious for doing pranks on his co-stars, recounted an instance when he spit on Madhuri's hand, which made her furious. 

It was on Oye! It's Friday, Farhan Akhtar's talk show, the superstar revealed that on the sets, he pretended to do a palm reading for Madhuri. He said things like, "You are a very gullible person," and "Your feelings run deep within you." He also stated that anyone can fool her if they try, before spitting on her hand and continuing.

In response to Aamir's practical joke, Madhuri became enraged and chased after him, brandishing a hockey stick. She admitted to her fans in a 2016 Twitter Q&A that it was the "naughtiest" thing she had done while filming.

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