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Director Avaneendra on Love Mouli - Navdeep will shock you with his performance

Love Mouli is the latest romantic drama which has Navdeep in the lead role. Avaneendra has directed this film which will be released on June 7, 2024. 

Director Avaneendra on Love Mouli - Navdeep will shock you with his performance

Avaneedra Love Mouli director

Last Updated: 12.18 PM, Jun 05, 2024


Love Mouli is one of the most-awaited films in Telugu cinema. Navdeep is making his comeback after a very long gap. He plays the lead in the romantic drama directed by Avaneendra. The film is set to hit screens on June 7, 2024, and the promos have caught on quite well.

Avaneendra on Love Mouli

Speaking about the film, director Avaneedra says that everyone warned him not to make a film with the likes of Navdeep, who had no proper market and had not done any film in the last few years. 

Avaneedra says, "I have worked as a writer for multiple films in my career. So, when I decided to direct my debut film, I wanted to do it without any calculations. So, when I wrote the story, I felt Navdeep would fit the story and the character and make the film."

Love Mouli
Love Mouli

Love Mouli's story

Love Mouli is the story of a crazy man who hates girls and has no respect for them. The basic story of the film is how such a person falls in love and faces heartbreak. Speaking about working with Navdeep, Avaneedra says, "Navdeep jumped with joy when he heard the script. He worked so hard on his character and has given a mind-blowing performance in the film. He will shock you as Mouli." 

Love Mouli has great visuals, and when asked about them, Avaneedra says that he himself is the cinematographer of the film and went through a lot of struggles to shoot it. Love Mouli has a fantasy element as a conflict point, but once that is established, the realistic drama and the manner in which the hero goes through pain are showcased superbly, says Avaneendra.

Love Mouli
Love Mouli

Love Mouli has music by Govinda Vasantha of 96 fame, and Avanedra says that the music album will become a rage once the film hits the big screens. A special preview was hosted by the makers in Vizag, and there has been a superb response from the audience. The same will happen once the film is released on June 7, 2024.

Love Mouli also features Pankhuri Gidwani of Ujda Chaman in a key role. It is being released along with two other films, Manamey and Stayabhama. We will need to see how this film fares at the box office. Watch this space for more updates.

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