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Divya Dutta revisits the time she faced rejections in the industry - 'I would feel very objectified'

Divya Dutta revealed she was once sent back from film set for losing a lot of weight. Here's what she said!

Divya Dutta revisits the time she faced rejections in the industry - 'I would feel very objectified'
Divya Dutta

Last Updated: 09.53 AM, Mar 11, 2024


Actor Divya Dutta, who has given us multiple impressive performances recently revealed some details about her difficult journey in the film industry. The actress recalled the time when she faced rejections and was dropped from films. She also revealed that she felt 'objectified', which made her question if humanity still exists. 

Talking about her rejections in the initial days of her career, Divya Dutta told Lallantop, "I was dropped from many movies, in fact, for one of them I had reached the set and was sent back, saying that I had lost a lot of weight. I was very frustrated. I would feel very objectified and I started searching for humanity and realized that it doesn’t exist in this business."

Remembering the time when her mother told her that if she got an opportunity to act in a film starring Shah Rukh Khan, she would become a superstar. These kinds of possibilities will come her way, reassured her mother, and she said, they did. 

Speaking further, the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag actress also revealed that as she navigated in the industry, she realized that rejection is a normal occurrence as she got removed from multiple projects. As she speaks about nepotism in the industry, she also feels like favoritism is among outsiders as well. This bias exists in several professions where high stakes frequently make situations seem unjust, she said. 

She said, “lowly in the industry, I have learned that you do face rejections, you are thrown out of films too. We often talk about nepotism, but I think there is a certain favoritism that exists in outsiders too. And it is not just in films, but everywhere, because stakes are high here so a lot of times, things look unfair. Even today I feel that I deserved something and why did somebody else get it?” 

She said that you learn how to handle rejection in life. In the beginning, when she hand's signed any projects, she would go to every producer's office looking for work. Multi-starrers were popular during that period, offering opportunities. She didn't, however, realized that she didn't anticipate that she wouldn't fit to the stereotype of a conventional glamourous heroine. 

“I was a cute girl and a good actor, but only I knew that. One day I felt I had signed 22 films, some of them even gave me a token. Nobody was saying no. Later I got to know that the 22 films I told my mother I was starting, only 2 out of them went on floors and I was not the heroine for those,” she added.

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