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Does Nusrat Jahan take a jibe at her political party leaders? Check out her ‘sour’ post

Actress-MP Nusrat Jahan’s name is not on the candidate list of her party

Does Nusrat Jahan take a jibe at her political party leaders? Check out her ‘sour’ post
Nusrat Jahan

Last Updated: 06.04 PM, Mar 12, 2024


On Sunday, the Bengal’s ruling party released its candidate list for the upcoming Parliament Election from the Brigade’s public meeting. There have been several changes from the last election’s candidate list. Nusrat Jahan’s name is not on the list, though she is the MP of Basirhat. The list says that Haji Nurul Islam will contest the seat. Nusrat was not given the ticket. 

Sandeshkhali village falls in her constituency. The place has been in the headlines for the last two months owing to the political clashes. Cities and villages have been vocal against the atrocities on women in Sandeshkhali. However, Nusrat never visited the place at this time. She gave an excuse later but was criticized for that. She confused the 144 ruling and mistakenly said '174 Dhara' in an interview. She was much trolled for that. After that, many people guessed that Nusrat might not get the ticket this time. The guess came correct. 

Nusrat also did not express any wish to contest for the second time. However, neither did she express the wish not to contest. But Nusrat posted an indicative photo on Instagram after the candidate list came out. The photo shows her sitting in an indifferent pose. There are different food items, drinks, and french fries on the table in front of her. There is a slice of sourdough on a plate. Nusrat wrote in the caption that she prefers sourdough over ‘sour’ people. Did she tease her party for not getting the ticket? Or was the MP not happy about it? There are questions whose answers only Nusrat can give. 

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