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Dr Death Season 2 on OTT - Here's where you can watch the Mandy Moore starrer show in India

Dr Death Season 2 stars Èdgar Ramírez and Mandy Moore in the lead and is based on a crazy real life story. 

Dr Death Season 2 on OTT - Here's where you can watch the Mandy Moore starrer show in India

Dr Death On OTT

Last Updated: 04.43 PM, Jun 26, 2024


True crime is a genre that has caught us all in a chokehold, and we are kind of enjoying that experience because the thrill we experience is unparalleled. When these true crime stories are made into feature adaptations with a good filmmaker and team in charge, we are in for an even better treat. One such project that has managed to blend true crime and feature very well is the show Dr. Death. An anthology series that has managed to captivate the viewers with its content is entertaining but also shocking. Having moved to season 2, the show has welcomed Èdgar Ramírez and Mandy Moore to the cast and has a gory tale to tell. While the show was already released in the West in December last year, it is now the turn of the Indian audience to watch it on streaming.

Dr Death 2 On OTT

Dr. Death Season 2 made a massive buzz in the West for the concept that it brought. Based on the real-life story of NBC producer Benita Alexander, the show will explore her relationship with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini and the problematically haunting twist their relationship took. While curiosity has always been at its peak, the show was not available to the Indian audience. It turns out Lionsgate Play has sorted that out and is all set to bring the series to the Indian market. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

Dr Death 2 Still
Dr Death 2 Still

Lionsgate Play has been bringing us a whole lot of content from across the world, be it films, shows, and more. The studio has yet again added more titles to its upcoming list, including films starring Nicolas Cage, Brie Larson, and more. Right in that coming-up list is also a show that stars Mandy Moore and Èdgar Ramírez in the lead, and it is none other than Dr. Death Season 2. The show will most likely drop on Lionsgate Play in July, although there is no release date attached to it as of yet.

About Dr. Death Season 2

Based on the life of Benita Alexander, NBC Producer, Dr. Death 2 explores her relationship with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, whom she was working with on a Dateline story about him. Soon, they fell in love, even though he was already married, but she was kept in the dark. But that was not the only deception. He also claimed to be a surgeon to the stars and a personal surgeon to the Pope himself. It was after many of his patients died that an investigation was carried out, and it found Paolo Macchiarini guilty of research fraud and forging documents. He was then investigated for medical manslaughter but never tried, although he was deemed to have acted "without due care."

"I was excited to demonstrate how institutional flaws stretch around the globe. We also have a riveting love story, which adds a new layer of complexity... The character truly evolved with Mandy. She brings incredible warmth onscreen, along with a sharp intellect and a strong sense of conviction,” said executive producer of Dr. Death 2 Ashley Michel Hoban.

Dr Death 2 Still
Dr Death 2 Still

Dr. Death Season 2 will soon hit Lionsgate Play and will be available with your OTTplay Premium subscription too. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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