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Duranga 2: My character in the series is full of mystery as I play someone who wants his identity back, reveals Amit Sadh | EXCLUSIVE

After winning hearts with ‘Duranga' Amit Sadh is now all set to shock and surprise the audiences with his role in the just released ‘Duranga 2’

Duranga 2: My character in the series is full of mystery as I play someone who wants his identity back, reveals Amit Sadh | EXCLUSIVE
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Last Updated: 07.03 AM, Oct 24, 2023


Such things don’t generally happen to actors, unless and until your director is extremely convinced about your craft and your ability to rise upto the occasion. We are referring to actor Amit Sadh and his role in the much talked about ‘Duranga 1’, where he played a person who was in coma. All that he had to do was lie down in the entire series. But… enter ‘Duranga 2’, and this man will surprise you with his stellar portrayal in the series. OTTplay caught up with the exemplary Amit Sadh for an exclusive interview during the much-awaited premiere of ‘Duranga 2’ on Zee 5.

Which has been the best compliment received for your role in ‘Duranga’?
Well… given that the fact that the response to the first season of ‘Duranga’ was simply fabulous, I think, that the biggest compliment for my character in ‘Duranga’ is that, everyone wants to watch season two. According to me, there can't be a bigger compliment than that.

What’s your role in ‘Duranga 2’ in a nutshell?
My character in the ‘Duranga 2’ series is full of mystery and intrigue. He is very childlike. At the same time, he is also a very complex individual with hidden motives. He is someone who wants his identity back. And what he does for that is something I would tell that one has to see the series to know the detail!

Which has been the most difficult / challenging scene to shoot in both the seasons?
Trust me when I saw that, nothing is difficult and nothing is challenging. When you are all prepped up and you have the hunger, when your intentions are set to go and create something, you just go all out…. Nothing is a barrier; nothing is a challenge! You just go to find the right beat, the right body language. That’s all!

In ‘Duranga 2’, you are seen playing a character with grey shades. Do you feel that audiences will accept you the same way in which they had accepted you in all your earlier roles?
Do you think if I was scared, I would have done this role? Plus, I have immense respect and utmost faith in the intellect of my fans and the audiences. Because when they see me do a character, they see me as an actor.

Besides ‘Duranga 2’, you are also through with the first phase of your month-long biking trip-‘Motorcycles Saved My Life’ talks. When are you planning to start / launch its second phase?
Right now, it’s in the edit stages. Once, its ready we will show it to people and also the media.

After ‘Duranga 2’, what next for Amit Sadh?
After ‘Duranga 2’, I will be taking a break for 10-15 days and maybe go to climb a mountain. (smiles)

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